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Pirates Hijack Windells; Premiere Hooked

Tim Windell approved.

On a dark and stormy November 6th, Pirates Movie Production North American tour embarked on B.O.B., the quaint little indoor skatepark at Windells Snowboard Camp, much to the delight of the residents of nearby Sandy and Welches. They brought with them plenty of booty for pillaging, as well as a DVD of Stop! Hammertime from Six Eleven films to show as a warm up. As you’ve likely been to a few premieres yourself, or read about at least 20 or so already this year, instead of telling you more about snowboard videos and product tosses, I offer you a pirate joke.

Q: Why did the Pirates go to Windells?

A: To premahrrr Hooked!

Man, that was terrible, but you know what wasn’t terrible? The Pirates’ new movie Hooked. So plan B, a little bit about the movie itself. If you don’t know, either because you’re American, or you don’t read any of the film’s four media sponsors, Pirates Movie Production is one of Europe’s biggest snowboard film entities. They’ve been doing this for awhile and they sort of know what’s up. In addition to shred porn, the movie had pirate prison theme, requiring a bit of acting from the snowboarders involved, but no dialogue. As someone who hates inter-part sketches, I must say the bits were pretty entertaining, and actually added to the movie. The soundtrack was straight off of Sirius XMU, so if you’re looking for bands to download for your own web video, there were a few included. The riding was a solid mix of rails/jumps/glamorous locations — like they actually had a budget, and then spent it on getting good shots. As Pirates is a Euro crew, there were a lot of alphabet-soup-looking names I’d never seen before, so excuse me if I don’t go into too much detail on who did what, but I will say the stand out section for me belonged to Danny Larsen — it was heavy rock and roll with a little metal thrown in for good measure. The closer, by one of the Helgassons, had no shortage of insane tricks, but was a bit dramatic for my taste, then again, maybe what they were going for as the rest of the video stayed pretty light and fun. All in all, Hooked is a solid film that managed to stay fresh in a sea of scallywags. Bah dump bump (or however you signify another terrible joke.)

Plenty-o-booty for the pillaging.

The Pirates are setting sail for Eastern North America next, so if you’re on the East Coast, best make it out to check this one out.  Dates/locations are here, but don’t worry about checking, Travis will spam you on Facebook about it so you don’t forget.

If you know, you know.
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Comments (5)

  1. shouldn’t your pun-self be angry that your punchline wasn’t “premaarrE?”

    I saw the trailer for this movie and it aroused me, like how I go gay for Johnny Depp in P.o.C. I would’ve watched it the other night up here in Seattle, but I was already weirded out by the young people at the old snowboards show, and they were showing the movie at a bar called “Sinners and Saints,” which was obviously going to be too much for me.

  2. Fact: neither Premaarre or premahrrr are words. however: touche.

  3. Douche.

    I really did think, when seeing these strong-jawed euroboarders all sweaty leather in their pirate dungeon: now THAT’s how you do a theme! Cornball skitmakers take note. The amateur office-skit izm thing is unwatchable…gotta do it big.

  4. Tim has grey hairs in his beard like me. We’re old.

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