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bHappy at Boreal Opening Weekend

The “Going For It Kids” really went for it at Boreal last weekend. Check out this super exclusive edit (we embedded off vimeo) from the crew at bHappy.

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Comments (24)

  1. It is pretty funny how Brooke hated on Burton last year for spending all their money on a gigantic party for higher end employees but when Anon (Burton’s goggle co.) offers her money for an ad on the website she takes it quicker than a 3 inch…

  2. johhny lazz just made my day.

  3. Johnny is bringing back the western outlaw style with the duster…

  4. HardcoreHater im sure brooke will agree with’s funny that burton gave money to its haters (and kinda lame of them)

  5. Desiree with the VGP at 0:41 so good!

  6. wow, they not only went for it, but got it as well

  7. that colton kid literally wears my sisters pants!

    i go for it in my private half pipe

  8. Desiree’s laugh makes me laugh every time.

  9. Shit was tight! Im tryin to make Coles dumb ass to drive us out there

  10. bhappy always keepin it sick! good job dudes!

  11. ma dewdz! keepin it real! miss ya!

  12. hey andrew instead of having cole drive you out here just take his car and leave him behind

  13. waaaaahhhhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


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