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Under Review: Respect Your Elders

Reviewed by Stephen Hughes

Any snowboard movie with Temple and Matt Cummins is cool with me. Dan Tanna cool. SWAT theme song cool.

Resourceful Gnome’s Respect Your Elders video is sort of an extended ‘day in the life’ type scenario. Shot at Baker, Silverton, Alaska and other powdery locations.  The movie offers unique first person perspectives with some classy, but not over-the-top GoPro shots, capturing all the powder slashing and chute dropping. It uses regular cameras and angles as well, and it also brings back the tree run segment.

Navigating trails in 50″ of fresh snow and making powder turns with your knees is a tall order. If you live in the park and refuse to pull up your britches or wear some that can’t actually keep you dry, then you are missing out. Parks are way fun and there are park segments in the film, but riding powder is a rockin’ good time and a great gift when the opportunity  presents itself. This movie illustrates that point.

The soundtrack sews up the segments neatly. Mellow and home grown (all the music was literally created by the guys themselves). As expected from Airblaster, there is no pretense or plot. It’s just a no frills portrayal of riding with friends.  Respect Your Elders is relaxed, without obvious sponsor pressure. They thank a tea for cryin’ out loud.

One of the  things I dug the most about the film was that some (not all) of the riding was attainable for me. It was not completely out of my reach. I push myself, but I’m fond of my spleen, and my spine and my knees. And my noggin’, coccyx, hips and lat emus dorsi  or whatever. Most bits I see, I won’t do because I’m not getting paid to try and pain is not pleasure for me. It’s a personal choice. You do whatever you want.

Be warned, this is not an epic riding flick with opening and closing bangers. Like I said, it’s relaxed.. You will not watch it to get stoked on gapping a stair set or doing a wall drop. It is what it is. The terrain plays as big a part as the riders, in my mind. Grab some friends and a couple of cameras and make your own. Good luck getting Temple and Matt though.

If you want to get your own copy you can at the Airblaster store.

Totally unrelated but I wrote this review in my jammers.

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Comments (12)

  1. If anything this movie gets me MORE stoked to ride than one with crazy nonstop bangers (although fun to watch).

  2. will doesnt know what hes talking about. this captures some of the best and more real riding to any of us. local resorts (to my area) a fun and care free riding style, accompanied by friends and good times. this movie captures snowboarding to alot of the riding population to its fullest. it has been a long time coming for a movie like this because no one wants to see flicks of people hitting huge ass bangers all day all the time. if you want something real, entertaining, and fun to watch this is the movie. if you ride park all day and have never had a natural pow hit, i feel sorry for you. go f yourself