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Ramblin’s Rail: Part 1

It seems there are more little jib set ups in Utah right now than Mormons. This one belongs to our friend Ramblin’ Rob, cause he knows how to milk the early season.

Starring: Parker Worthen, Danny Buller, Alex “littlest” Sherman, Rob “Ramblin” Millon, Torrey Lyons, Mike Ewick, and Kyle Fischer.

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Comments (30)

  1. i dont know which is a bigger waste of time, me watching this or them filming/editing and posting this.

  2. jerm the only reason your hating is because your sitting in some shitty midwest state right now fingering your butt hole thinking about how your going not going to be boarding for another 2 months

  3. H8 H8 H8

  4. Are you kidding me? That 42069 pre season edit blew this shit out of the water…

  5. I’m a college kid reporting that this film made my stoke level go up a few notches.

  6. all these utah edits are getting me too pysched

  7. yall niggas is straight homo on ya snowboards

  8. im sorry that you didn’t like it and that we wasted your time. we had fun making it though. now you know not to watch anything we do.

    looking forward to never reading a comment from you again,
    kyle fischer

  9. hahaha awesome comment kyle. so jealous you guys are snowboarding in october.

  10. kyle great edit super great germ response……oops i mean jerm

  11. Come film in our spot neighbor.. We got the goodstuff.. Cya up thur

  12. fish eye lenses and ganster rap cant even make this rail entertaining… im sure it was fun to ride but who the hell can honestly say this video was worth watching?

  13. I do. YEA robb! Ill be out there soon

  14. Jeremiah, do you know what’s worse than having something to do with a terrible internet video? Using your pitiful time to watch it, analyze it, then share your unwarranted thoughts about it. I really hope that at some point your life becomes more fulfilling.

  15. man, i like the edit, but not down for rap taking over snowboard videos these days, i mean its sick sometimes, but it’s quite frankly overplayed.

  16. Hello Ryan,

    Thanks for your concern about the rap music in our video. When editing we were about 3/4 of the way done and we began to think the same the same thing, but then we decided that we were gonna use it anyways.

    Thanks for your feedback keep it comin!
    Kyle Fischer

  17. hell yeah dudes. even though i’m back on the east coast, good to see utah is killing it as always. keep it up fools!

  18. obviously you guys should ride more like that jerm, the ultimate hater.

  19. ^gangster rap is completely out of place in the snowboarding world, only the best edits have 90s progressive trance.

    the dirty kids are sick, i love watching little preseason rail edits like this.
    plus kyle is awesome judging from those comments. i need to move north… can’t wait for snow much longer.


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