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The House of 1817 Movie

No sponsors, No budget, No bullshit. Just Friends Snowboarding.

Complete with busted bro-cams, HD hammers, your favorite pros, and people you’ve never heard of and don’t care about. This is our movie.

Oh yeah, and check out the pictures from the premiere while you’re at it.

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Comments (23)

  1. so fuckin good, everyone was ripping

  2. cody is da mane

  3. Tricks for days! Awesome movie.

  4. I didn’t even feel like watching it, but that was twenty something minutes ago and now I’d say that was a damn good movie.

  5. You guys rock, that was fun as hell to watch

  6. you know the arcades fires too?!?

  7. this was soo dope, great job riley.

  8. I figured Id leave my real name too… Its soooo true!!! I love that man! <3 <3 <3

    ~ Kevin Maples

    P.S. Call me Ethan!

  9. ethan is a beast, 450’s what????

    cody b killing i of course, love the imperial march opening to his part!

    all around GREAT vid!!!

  10. Both the video and Kevin Maples killed it

  11. so sick…you guys killed it! i wanna snowboard now 🙂

  12. people are sleeping on ethan deiss. kid’s fittin to blow.

  13. ender was fucking sick

  14. kevin maples…hammerz for days!
    now to watch the vid…

  15. you minnesota guys are quite bossy

  16. hi,there


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