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The Snowboard Shrinkage Crisis?

These photos were taken from more or less the same place, on the same day, at almost the same time.

Much like when the My Alaska teaser dropped, the release of the full movie last week got me thinking about this whole ski vs snowboard thing, again. Last time I pondered if we should all just get along , but this time, a commenter brought up a very good point.

Yeah I know the general consensus is the snowboarding/skiing war is over and we should love each other and probably start mating. Hear me out, though: If we keep mixing these two sports people will inevitably compare the two. And guess who looks like they go bigger, faster, AND have extra gear to let go when bailing? I thought so, too.

Now I don’t know that we actually came to a consensus about the war being over, and even since the last time I beat this horse, plenty of other people have too, but I do think that the “bigger, faster, AND have extra gear to let go when bailing” has some merit. Add to that the fact that at a certain session, of a certain summer camp last summer, ski campers out numbered snowboarders nearly three to one, well, it’s got me a little worried. Is snowboarding going to be the one to suffer because of this freeski/shred unity movement? Will someday we all just start skiing again? Are we suffering from a sort of non-cold related shrinkage?

Well, since I asked, there are a few reasons I don’t think free skiing will overtake snowboarding in the winter sports ranks, and since we’re a damn snowboard site, here they are.

1. A wise man once said “if I wanted to see someone spinning around holding onto poles: I’d go to a strip club.” No matter how much of your awkward looking body position that tall-t is covering, bouncing around on skis in the park is always going to look a lot more like rollerblading than skateboarding. Remember, we’ve already established everyone wants to be a skateboarder.

2. Skiing still sucks to learn. You gotta figure out what do with with all that extra equipment and how to keep both those sticks pointing the same way. It can take years just to get semi okay at it. Snowboarding takes three days, tops, before you can make it down the hill without looking retarded. Then you can spend the rest of your life trying to learn tricks.

3. You’re in it for the love, man. So while yes, the bigger, faster thing might be more compelling footage for the average ESPN viewer, do you really give a shit when it comes to actually hitting the snow? Didn’t think so.

4. That said, skiers are in general way bigger jock-o-douchebags. Did you hear some of them are starting some sort of MMA training camp? Seriously.  So maybe if you fancy yourself a jock, then you should ski. But if you’re actually cool (or at least think you are), then snowboarding is much more likely to keep you that way.

5. No matter how much you make ski boots look like boxing gloves, they will never be as comfortable or as easy to walk in as snowboard boots. The end.

For all these reasons and many more, I’m not really worried about the snowboard shrinkage crisis. And hey, as long as we keep talking about it, we’ll all get a ton of traffic from angry young Newschoolers, and isn’t that what it’s really all about?

If you know, you know.
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Comments (80)

  1. you guys hate on newschoolers so much, but i dare you to check it out. its a far more respectful community than anything you will find from any snowboard site. since i have been on the site, i have not seen a single snowboard hate thread. we all respect what you guys are doing out on the mountain 100%, so why dont you respect what we do?

  2. First off, pretty good revision of the ’10 reasons snowboarding is better than skiing’ article.
    But in response to all the comments, why are snowboarders so concerned with hating on skiing? I know that most the hate must be coming from the gaper weekend warriors who buy everything burton has to offer and have posters of shaun white on there wall. All the good snowboarders i know are equally stoked to see sick skiing as most of us skiers are stoked to see good snowboarding.
    Be glad that there is as many people as there are wanting to do both sports or else we would have no where to ride.

  3. The people who wrote/commented negatively on skiing or snowboarding are the real douchefags. First of all it shouldnt matter, if you snowboard and love it thats great! if you ski and love it, good for you! But when your the guy who starts comparing the two…well you should just go fuck yourself. 99% Snowboarders i know are super supportive about skiing and also all of the skiers i know are cool with snowboarding. Also when people say skiing has no style i find that to be very hard to see. And on rails, ive seen skiers do some pretty gnarly stuff(they call them alien grinds i think??). But the same can be said for snowboarding. Also the other day i was watching fuel tv when it was talking about Jossi Wells walking into a hotel and then his FRIEND Louie Vito egged him on to play a guitar or some shit. So when you look up your Idols such as T-hall or Shaun White do you see them arguing about this or calling eachother names? No you see them having fun, so how about you stop bitching and go shred.

  4. The guy who wrote this post is obviously one of those pricks who has to keep on bringing up this stupid argument that has been beaten to death already. Ignore this guy’s hate and listen to the decent guys like Kyle and Tyler. And stop saying that skiers and snowboarders can’t get along, watch the voleurz videos, I see a lot of chill skiers and snowboarders having fun together.

    Both sports are sick, do what you want and quit the hate.

  5. ok so ive skied my whole life but every year me and my buddies swap for a day, snowboarding is fun as hell but for me it does not compare to skiing. no one of my really good friends says just the oppsite.

    all i can say is this weekend a snowbaorder did a 180 on tail press 3 off a dfd rail, all the skiers on the lift, at least 8 of us, were extreamly impressed. then i was about to drop on a jump line and the boarder next to me was saying how nasty the 9 that a skier just threw was.

    my point anyone who really skis or boards could give a shit, if a person throws everyone is stoked

  6. You mad?
    Sorry man, but just because you went to a ‘summer camp’ and saw more skiers than snowboarders doesn’t really merit an entire article on why you think snowboarding is better than skiers.
    I say quit the b*tching and just ski or snowboard, who cares what other people think? I think if you are worried about snowboarders not having as many registered people as skiers you should ask yourself if your doing what you love because it is your passion or is it because it is popular? You sound like you do it for the passion, so who cares about what other people are doing.
    I’ve done both and while my base is skiing, I still have mad respect and enjoy snowboarding. One is not better than the other, it’s just different.

  7. You just gave biased opinions while in a bad mood. It sounds like you are just trying to come up with reasons on why snowboarding is absolutely better than skiing.
    Everyone wants to be a skateboarder? No, not really.
    Skiing still sucks to learn? Only if you have a quitter attitude, dude I learned skiing first and than after years I learned snowboarding. I could make it down a blue run within a week after starting to learn how to ski and snowboard. It’s not the sport’s fault you can’t multitask.
    Your in the love of it. I agree with this statement, but then you went off track and said something that makes no sense. You pretty much say that skiing is bigger, faster and more compelling, but then say no one gives a shit when they hit the snow. That is a pretty big fallacy and just being hypocritical. Each sport has their audience and their perks.
    Ski boots are less comfortable than snow boots. I agree, but then again they are built for two different purposes. Suck it up princess, if you can’t handle stiff boots then don’t ski, nobody is asking you too. But in all honesty, if you aren’t a moron and get the right size of boots they shouldn’t hurt.
    This article is pretty damn biased, and nothing but a snowboarder ranting after realizing that may be, just may be not everyone wants to snowboard.
    Dude, like I said, I do both and to each his own. There’s no point to rant and get your panties in bunch every time you see a someone ski or snowboard

  8. This could be the most biased article ive ever read. Snowboarding is now the “cool” thing to do. Hating on skiing is also the cool thing to do for some reason. Writer of this needs to cut themselves.

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