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JAP-Indoor Shredding

The people who brought you W.A.R.U. 3, comes a trip to the new indoor shred spot in Japan. Jealous much?

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Comments (12)

  1. yeah very jealous and im trying to study for a way i’ll concentrate now. The spot is really sick, the riding too

  2. im pretty sure the asian mafia have a way better video at this place the riding in this was gay.

  3. fuck, japanese people are always having so much fun. i wanna go there so bad, shit looks sooo fun. that 1/4 at the end is the shit. it’s like a crappy skatepark covered in snow. love it.

  4. pretty cool…

    was that one dude riding a Blender?

  5. looked rally fun! Crazy transfere at the end!!!

  6. Looked pretty fun, I wish we had those for when summer was being lame.

  7. First guy reminded me a lot of Gus Engle.


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