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WTF Wednesday: Matt Hogan

Whistler park laps look really fun. Please enjoy this video of Matt Hogan doing some of them last season. Edit by Ian Turner

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Comments (17)

  1. i have never seen so much use of slow mo ramping crap

  2. ramp much? learn how to use it faggot.

  3. wtf is this shit? DSLR GONE WRONG. stick with PHOTOS MATE

  4. Shits tight man, gets me stoked on riding

  5. matt hogan’s park lap got raped by slow motion effects

  6. hahaha first time i watched this was without sound so i just thought the player was fucking up. then after reading the comments i had to watch it again. hahaha so good. the ramp master 5000

  7. I agree the ramping was a bit excessive…

    however I REALLY liked this edit…
    can’t put my finger on it…

    maybe I’m hogans distant uncle and am biologically predisposition to like it…

    not too sure on this one…

  8. Haters Gonna Hate?

    Also, the segment he does is just quick edits of raw footage. Music is good.

    Makes me wanna ride at least.

  9. ^the icarus program is hands down the lamest thing you could do in snowboarding, solidifies snowboarding a “sport” cause you got rich kids paying for coaches.

  10. dam dog! dat wuz ill shitz. caked get wit it chea peace im out and i farted

  11. to much rrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmp

  12. i agree icarus is, well, wack! hard to take seriously its so serious


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