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bHappy at Hood

Summer camp ended what, three months ago? Fucking slackers.

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Comments (19)

  1. aahhh paul getting the hammers. bummed there were no shots from the day you skied

  2. Black people always be late!

  3. you dudes are putting it down harder every time i see ya’ll. nice shit.

  4. sick stuff fellas!!!

  5. this could not have been better! extended praise for song choice

  6. what board is colton riding?

  7. Basically everyone slayed but Cole…

  8. The Salomon Salomonder.
    It’s super fun for riding fast & hitting everything, I think you need one.

  9. Shane could you please just get upside down?

  10. Cole holdin it down 42069 style

  11. paul with the bangers. hell ya doods.

  12. just kidding fuck you guys,you all think your sick but you just need jslv.

  13. JUS LIV DANTE!!!!! JS keep on LV’n

  14. that last kid needs to learn how to spin on axis
    wack style!

  15. Please tell me that the track playing in the video?


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