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Johnny Brady: Fist Pumping Champion

Roobs comes through (for once!) A High Cascade summer edit, with lots of Johnny Brady (if you missed his damn Hump Day yesterday somehow, read it!) Guest starring Colton Morgan, Jake “the kid” Knigge, Justin Gyp, and Pat Herrington. But if you don’t have much time, TDK says skip to 3:13.

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Comments (14)

  1. Mainer Justin. great summer boarding. stiffy 5!

  2. his back 7 with that weird mute/nosebone maneuver is sick!

  3. its called skatestyle, get used to it


  5. super skate-influenced..


    way to bite my song roobs, abfd on the wavves dood

  7. he rides like a really good female snowboarder.

  8. ^hahaha i dont agree but thats pretty funny.

  9. miss you budddy….love the fist pump

  10. super sick edit but I don’t think animal collective fits with skate/snow edits it never seem to feel right.

  11. i know, animal collective isnt very good in snowboarding edits

  12. o raw power

  13. i would do unspeakable things to have johnny all to myself for just one night


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