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Have Some Bristle Boardin’

While a trip to Liberty Snowpark in Lynchburg, VA will inadvertently support fundamentalist wackos, when you live in West Virginia well, what else do you have to do? In this video from the dudes at Have Some Boarding, witness some swivels, some backies fronties, AJ’s first 1080, and also learn how to dougie.

Edit: Josh Zerkel

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Comments (23)

  1. jeez, looks like a pretty dang ripe time. nice

  2. I’m happy the east has something this cool.

  3. Not one swivel or backflip in that video. Way to fuel the stereotype!

  4. Hell yeah AJ! I never see him hit a jump all summer and then he does a front ten no problem what the fuck

  5. BearCub no way doing tens !! on bristles thats just wild !!

  6. when you board at liberty you board for jesus. yeah doods!

  7. its not a stereotype. but an incentive to watch and enjoy

  8. AJ, this video sucks, where’s the double corks at? Chas the Guldemonster would be less than impressed

  9. back smith front 180 out, banger

  10. Jerms are gross. Single cell blobs without a brain that just multiply and put everyone in a bad mood… Say something positive bro!

  11. what the fuck Cooper i thought you were giving up boardin’ for 4lokos. Keep on keeping god out of snowboarding boys!

  12. back smith front 180 out, banger….hahaha

  13. PS Bearcub mandela is my hero. GKC fo Life

  14. It was suppose to be a front feeble front 180, jerm where is that kick start or whatever horrible trick you did years ago?

  15. lets see some of that Jerm footage. some sick 50-50 front 180 swivel action!

  16. Sean lucey taught all of these boys how to snowboard

  17. ahhhhh the kickstart, as elusive as it is memorable. its hanging out with the herman waiting for their time to shine.

  18. liberty is the worst place ever………………….went during the day and it was def not wet enough, u cannot carve on this shit at all…………the best thing to do is fuck around in the college and go and pray in grounps with virgin girls….it was the worst snowboarding trip I have ever been on. So we ask some people who worked there since the place fuckin sucked so much, wheres the bar or wheres somewhere to get drunk….and they say………on the other side of town theres one bar, where all the sinners r at.

    OMG WOW thats all im going to say.

  19. Witty comment. I’m Jerm, check me out! Im an old fucking man now and never learned how to snowboard

  20. i suppose this is the part where i get really pissed that someone is picking on me online right? is that witty enough?

  21. […] Dan Brisse is on the new Transworld cover. And here’s how he did that. Americans obviously warm to the dryslope idea. The Helgasons are still in Japan. Malmi vs Korpela is one interesting read. Wojtek Pawlusiak […]

  22. herman is gonna come fuck up anyone of you floppy foreskinned loose lipped bastards that fuck with jerms.


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