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What is House of 42069?

Well, we’ll tell you. The Gunstock livin boyz + Cole Atencio from bhappy films – hot girls + drangonz = The House of 42069

Judging by how SLC’s newest crew plans to spend its weekends until it snows (see above video) they seem alright (if not in need a few a few hot babes) to us.

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Comments (35)

  1. these motherfuckers, tucker and andrew are gettin serious

  2. seems like a buncha fags really bitting 1817s logo huh?

  3. well at least they are original. and really creative editing. way to go bros

  4. dont forget Zander Blackmon, hes 42069 certified.

    btw… notttt hating on 1817 at all. theyre more legit than we could ever be.

  5. As a certified 42069er, all haters need to get wit it

  6. seems like these guys are bitin caked and 1817 at the same time. i dont really care about the house of 42069, but i do think those kids have a few nice lookin tricks

  7. were mocking caked. get wit it.

  8. just a disclaimer, rob fields is actually riotous cougar in the critters gathering.

  9. Coles a gay xoxoxo

  10. hot dogs and man rails ahahahah

  11. Shits Gay. How Did This Even Get On A Webstie

  12. wow. the level of gayness there was unbelievable.

  13. Didn’t even see the video but from the comments seem like some fags

  14. you guys are the biggest joke since gay fish!!

  15. Yeahhhhhh mo fuckkas! bring the hate! haha and jerm is still alive! to bad he still can’t snowboard…

  16. I can’t think of anything that would add or detract from this post… So I’ll just fill this space with meaningless bullshit. Oh and props for the creativity on so many levels

  17. the reason there’s not enough hot chicks is cause they can’t land anything, obviously.

  18. dont take the bate. yobeat post this shit so you piranahs eat it up. more hits make Nike happy or whoever else payed of the site this week to seem down with the kids.


  20. […] The Angry Snowboarder has the epic MDP movie Picture This on display. People in Salt Lake City know how to shorten the waiting period until winter. Make sure to ollie high enough. Les Ettes breach out into the tough lip gloss market. The standard […]

  21. is dante a 42069’er yet? hes the most wit it.


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