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Gremlinz Teaser from GBP

A little tease from our favorite stoners from Tahoe via Rutland, GBP.


Real Gremlinz Movie Coming Out Next Year. Get Ready, Get Wit it

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  • Cole Atencio

    i love the GBP vids, cant wait for this to come out!

  • jesuschrist

    thank my father for this video

  • Rkelly

    short video comin out sooon……watch out for that first….next year pure takeover

  • jerm

    so good

  • snowboard


  • freedom86′

    damn. 2 thumbs up

  • boardjumpz

    Halfway through I realized I was pretending to be a rapper and was bumpin side to side making awkward hang gesstures, and then I realized I’m white and from Idaho. But needless to stay I was pretty stoked on it, good stuff GBP

  • Gary


  • stevedave

    That rail at Stowe is gnarly, that’s awesome someone hit it. RUTLAND SON!

  • Colt

    I wanna see more now.
    Good stuff.

  • Josh P.

    Butter at 1:08 is probably the coolest thing I have seen all year.

  • Nor’east Fucktard

    damn, cant wait for this whole thing.

  • dylan dez

    get wid it

  • cannabible

    i have watched this 7 times.. fucking fire

  • WWW

    anyone know the name of the song?? So illin