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Terrible Tuesday: River Trip Sauce with Laura Hadar

Nike Snow rider and all-around badass Laura Hadar fills you in on how to make Mama Hades’ secret sauce. Friends, food and beer, it’s almost like you’re there.

is pretty.... awesome.
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  • Shtstan

    She’s a regular fuckin’ Martha Stuawart

  • Jim RIppey

    How do I get my hands on a Hadar babushka?

  • Colin

    O shit stoney meal! Wheres the SPLIFF!

  • karnkarn

    i spy a keniston

  • BagsO’Ass

    It sucks to find out I am retarded. Thanks for lying to me all those years mom.

  • HBake

    i like how it’s tagged as feeding the dickheads.

  • rumorator

    I’m going to watch this at least 15 times tonight.

  • ks

    no bra hadar? shit, lipton’s hyped.

  • Jack

    Would somebody get that goddamn cat off the counter!

  • mess

    Ahhhh dam I wish I was there to enjoy the meal with yall. looks delicious!!

  • Castro

    fuck chip

  • matt

    fuck cops?

  • Gary

    i would

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