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The latest team filmin’ project from Nitro Snowboards. It’s like it Timothy Leary snowboarded. Trippy.

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Comments (16)

  1. thats not trippy. just because tie dye is in it doesnt mean its trippy

  2. so psyched for bryan fox, hope he’s got a full part

  3. @harold its probably a reference to the LCD advocate Timothy Leary… as referenced in the description. Ya’ ever stared at tie-die while you were tripping nuts?

  4. censorship?

  5. eero and all others are killing it

  6. Seems to me Nitro wish they named their company CAPiTA

  7. do they give out free doses with this or what?

    who’s got my white on white????

  8. I’m not sure where the confusion lies but nothing about this video I’d trippy at all. It to metal and it’s sick. Pull your heads out if your asses people.


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