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Hump Day Uncensored: Danny Kass Interviews Brooke Geery

Since he puts the DK in DK Zoom, it seemed appropriate we interview Danny Kass right about now. But let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. After two weeks of phone calls, ichats, emails and @ replies, I finally tracked down Danny in Orlando, FL. Even then he didn’t want to sit down for an interview. Instead, he turned the tables interviewed me about such hot button topics as YoBeat and taking dude’s virginity. Eventually we got some dirt on him, and some solid life advice from an old dude that worked at the trade show. Don’t worry, if you don’t care what I or Danny have to say, there were plenty of blonds hanging out in the Grenade booth so you can just check them out in the background.

Video by Patrick Wieland

If you know, you know.
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Comments (15)

  1. over 14 minutes length? what are you? public television?

  2. loved every minute of it! brooke i think you took my virginity as well

  3. haha nice

  4. What the fuck is Dingo doing in the background???? Did Danny slip some acid in his water-bottle again?

  5. i love snowboarding and talking shit

  6. I enjoyed this. the beatdown. jim was sweet.

  7. I’d be way more down for grenade if it came with hot girls to walk around and act stupid all the time

  8. Need more of this stuff. That was awesome.

  9. i have as much problem with “yobeat” as mr jim.

  10. Hilarious! Brooke, I can’t believe it’s been so long already.

  11. Danny only told the part of the story where he gets rolled up and punched. He didn’t mention that he discovered 6 packs of Jack and Cokes in a can. He also kicked his own hotel room door down and lost the television set in said room. He deserved everything that we put him through.

  12. HAHA good stuff, Love it!

  13. gold

  14. Just want to point out, YOUR DAD CHECKS OUT THIS WEBSITE TOO!

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