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Guys Snowboarding

Another sweet edit from ROOBS.

When I asked Matt Roberge what the inspiration for this edit was he responded ” to make an edit the people snowboarding would be hyped on”

is pretty.... awesome.
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  • rio

    east coast>everybody.

  • Brandon R

    (b)east coast

  • Big John

    Jam boardslide tranny find was super sick.

  • jerm

    thats the stuff

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  • Bearcub Mandela

    mike ravioli is an animal

  • Hakeem

    I’d like to sex these guys up

  • arel

    mike ravelson fuckin rips

  • lickity split

    fun edit! i like this song better than ghostface’s but who does it?

  • Cole Atencio

    damn this is sick

  • kyle

    mike rav might be god.