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Mystery District’s TheREEL

Eleven minutes of Idaho snowboarding. Enjoy.

Riders: AJ Ogden, Phil Damianakes, Jacob St. John, Pat Miller, Parker Duke, Nic Hunter, Cameron St. Pierre, Joe Kennedy, Tyler Morey, Ben Woodard, and friends.

Shot/Edited by: Derek Weimer

Additional footage: Mark Dangler, Sean Lucey, Ted Borland, Nic Stevens, Phil Damanakes, AJ Ogden.

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Comments (8)

  1. It wouldn’t been cooler if it were 11 minutes of surfing. Nice try Derek.

  2. I love you too Jeff. Hope Costa Rica is the beez.

  3. hell yeah fellow Idahoans! definitely enjoyed it

  4. Phil Damanakes is a broke ass wanna be Bode Merrill

  5. Feeling it!


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