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bHappy’s Happy Thoughts (Full Movie)

You’ve seen the edits all winter. Sometimes you were confused by them, but now you will understand. bHappy Films presents Happy Thoughts. With riding by Sammy Spiteri, Ian Bigley, Cole Atencio, Zander Blackmon, Colton Morgan, Dylan Thompson, Benjamin Strause, Brent Aftedal, Durell Williams, Joshua Parker, Sean Anderson, and more.

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Comments (34)

  1. oops, think i saw that skier movie ‘yearbook’ with same intro and song… makes you wonder… why i watch ski movies…

  2. Totally bit that straight out of a ski movie.

  3. Is this really a ski video? I guarantee both Paul and I have never seen this video. If this is true, my minds blown.

  4. i see brent had a sex change over the course of the winter

  5. Cole Atencio blows it. The rest of the movie was sick though…

  6. Yeah sorry guys, that exact same intro was in Yearbook. But I really liked the video none the less.

  7. yearbook is a ski video. not a snowboard video you retards. so who gives a fuck

  8. Damn diggles, we should have given you a sneak peek. Oh well, we had no idea.

  9. just saw myself, why isnt my name in the roster? movies pretty good though

  10. Definitely gonna be in my top three favorites this season.

  11. good work doods…….that cole dood kills it

  12. that was so good. good spots and good tricks. looks like you guys had a real good time this winter.

  13. alternate title

    spawn of the jed?

  14. super good shots and nice suprize seeing my hcsc homie kfish in this

  15. fuck yes that was a good snowboard flick

  16. love me some bHappy. all day!!

  17. Casey d killllllllled it

    And drilled it drilldo style

  18. dave pooped and while pooping thought of another comment

    dave says, “that just because someone is wearing a helmate doesn’t mean they are trying to be like jed anderson. the don’t put it on and think i hope i look like jed now”
    – dave

  19. Vid is DOPE!!!

  20. good job dudes! this movie rocked. darrel…you’re killing it.

  21. Makes me wish i would have snowboarded instead of skateboarded

  22. enjoyed the hell out of all of it, sincerly, a great vid.


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