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Learn Something: Tuck Knee Stale with Brandon Hobush

Ironic food grabs are important for any one’s trick repertoire. Brandon Hobush shows you how, so do some stretches, then try it yourself!

video by Jeff Holce

one of the founders of the internet.
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Comments (10)

  1. was always under the impression this was the uphill method

  2. Im not sure what it is about this video but that filming just calls out to me like cake calls out to a fat kid

  3. in order to do a tuck knee you must tuck your knee under your arm

  4. I’ll show you a tuck knee under your arm. Southern style.

  5. whoa snowboarders got a trick wrong wtf?

    also, irony doesn’t work when the trick is older than you…

    fuck all you young people.


  7. […] Stylewars get cancelled due to blizzard conditions. Brandon Hobush teaches the internet how to do a stalefish tuck knee. Jason Robinson scores pow in Chile. Jake Blauvelt walks you through his state of mind. Rome SDS […]

  8. also my favorite trick haha


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