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Teaser Wave # 2: Just When You Thought it was Over

We were feeling like there couldn’t possibly be anymore teasers coming out, and then this week, overload. At first it was sort of exciting, as the burnout from the last wave had almost worn off, but after the Pirates teaser took over the Internet yesterday, we figured might as well just throw a couple up in one post today. So enjoy the official teasers for Flow’s Witness the Sickness, Transworld’s In Color, and a teaser for another video promoting shred unity from 3 Square Circus.

The Flow Team Video

In Color

Ankle Deep from 3 Square Circus

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Comments (8)

  1. first two look siick, third looked real iffy

  2. Yeah bozones, that looks better than ankle deep to me!

  3. so what happened to jake kyuzk? he wasnt in the teaser, did carlino forget?

  4. haha ben

  5. nah jake didnt get forgot… hes still a boss.

  6. that didnt help… i would go comment on transworld but no one reads the comments on page 2

  7. that didnt help, i would ask on transworld but no one reads comments on page 2


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