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Meet: Happy Tree Films

Plymouth State is rich with snowboarding history. The Blue Lodge. The time the entire World Quarterpipe Championships got kicked out of a hotel there. The list goes on. The guys of Happy Tree Films are keeping the dream alive, partying like frat boys all night (and day) and snowboarding in between. James Thomas seems to think he’s making a movie about it this year, so we tracked him down to find out more.

Location: PSU
Filmers: James Thomas, and Tyler Whelan
Photos: Cole Martin
Riders: Mike Rav, Eugene Stancato, Henry Padden, Nick Esposito, Arbok, Bicknell, Luke Mathison, Jack Karn, Charlie Benasich, Marc Olivieri, Big Mike, Lynn Shniggers, Cole st Martin, Tyler LRux, Dyl9, Nate powers, peetie cruiser, i think bueling came to a rail one time. we like to drink with friendly fire.


Henry. photo Cole Martin

What is the story behind the name Happy Tree?

Jimmi: Weed.

Are you afraid you might get sued by Happy Tree productions, an outdoor, corporate and documentary video production company from Duluth?

Jimmi: Nah were cool, my dad knows that guy.

What about Marco Bottiglieri & Blake Judson, founders of the independent film company of the same name?

Jimmi: I don’t want to talk about that.  I had sex with both of them before they were 18.

Ok, enough of that. How’s life in Plymouth? The Cookie still the hot spot for Friday nights?


Any fun run ins with campus security while filming?

Jimmi: Eugene took us to a rail by his neighborhood in Drochester MA and within the first 45 seconds of being there Marc got stabbed in the ribs 11 times.  RIP

Do people from New Hampshire still hate people from Vermont?

Jimmi: Not if they keep selling us bomb Quayludes.

Does anyone go in the air in your video, or will it be all epic handrails?

Jimmi: Eugene gets pretty high.

Did you unearth any super top secret new handrails in the filming?

Jimmi: We found this big green one at Loon Mountain.  Shhhhhhhhhhh.

How did you guys get sponsored by Alcohol? Who can hold their liquor the best? What about the worst?

Jimmi: We’ve moved on to hard drugs.  It’s a tie between Ty Whelan and Johnny B, Henry and Kara George Both suck at drinking boxed wine.

Who’s part should we be most excited for?

Jimmi: Big Mike.

What do you think makes a good snowboard video?

Jimmi: We just watch skateboarding.

Which other movies are you most excited for this year?

Jimmi: UP IN STOKE, Frontcountry Movie, Recession Proof, Gigli 3.


See it landed in the teaser above! Photo: Cole Martin

When will your movie drop and where can people see it?

Jimmi: Come to plymouth state and party and maybe I’ll show you who sock man is.

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  1. ludes for days. Happy Tree boys sending it hard

  2. fuck yeah!

  3. Troll. Whats with the money booters onto the rails? Some good tricks, but make some acceptable lips

  4. WEAK! dont try again……..stick to the booze and drugs……shredin and filmin skills
    lack some shit dogs

  5. ha your weak homie….doods kill it

  6. Yeah yea! Im in this haha. Love the interview. Miss the doods.

  7. I heard they’re using a doctor dingus and his dudes song for 1080 Hank’s part

  8. i get really high. love you jim, u forgot to say about the time some black crack head was trying to sell u drugs

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  10. […] I did. I almost failed out because I was getting so many opportunities to go out and film with the Happy Tree guys. I couldn’t pass up these opportunities because they were my best friends up there and we all […]

  11. […] I did. I almost failed out because I was getting so many opportunities to go out and film with the Happy Tree guys. I couldn’t pass up these opportunities because they were my best friends up there and we all […]


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