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Help Chris Brunkhart Save Print!

Clearly we’re well aware print is dying. Books, magazines, newspapers, all archaic forms that one day will no longer exist. But in the meantime, it might be wise to get as many of them made as possible in order to impress future generations, and you can help Chris Brunkhart put his 20 years of photographic snowboarding experiences into book form. Chris’s project, entitled “How Many Dreams in the Dark? My life on the road with the legends of snowboarding” is currently looking for donations (totaling $5,000) that will enable its publication. Just think of how jealous your grandkids will be when you show them this gem after books are totally obsolete. You can donate as little as $10, so don’t be cheap and click here.

Check out the book’s official website

via Boardistan

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Comments (2)

  1. so instead of just taking preorders until he can afford to get the books printed he’s asking that people just flat out give him money and then later pay $50-60 for a copy? am I missing something here?

  2. Terence, if you click the link you can see that various donation levels get you different things, including a copy of the book…


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