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Under Review: CAPiTA Ultrafear FK

Actual Information:

You won’t find the CAPiTA UltraFear FK in the 2011 catalog, and you might have a heck of a time finding it in stores. This board is an ultra limited edition, late release board to the CAPiTA line.  This means you might want to hurry to your local shop and pick one up. Why did we like it? Well, the reverse camber and wood core ensure you enough flex to impress the babes with solid, no-tap, nose or tail presses that won’t flap or cause you to break a sweat. At the same time this board is naturally stiffer than most “jib boards” allowing you to hit the big jumps, nuke down shitty terrain and turn on a dime. At high speeds, there was very little of the chatter you usually get with jib boards, but it isn’t the stiffest board out there. If your goal is massive triple corks, might want to look elsewhere. Overall, the CAPiTA Ultrafear FK was a pleasure to ride. If you’re looking for one stick to handle any terrain, press like hell and float through powder, this Ultrafear FK will be your partner in crime.


-flat kick reverse camber

-full wood core

-epoxy glass configuration

-sintered base

-specially designed dampening system placed along the edge to enhance impact resistance.


147, 151, 153, 155


The Official pitch:


Find where to buy it.

Every word in this post-even those based on real people-are entirely fictional. The quotes might be bullshit too.
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Comments (13)

  1. Jeff Holce is known for blowing shots. get rid of him while you can

  2. Jeff put in tons of effort and i think he did a great job! HOORAY

  3. i want.

  4. Funny ass review. Thanks. Keep the “how’s it butter” out of all future reviews please. Enough clowns got that one on lock.

  5. is the 011 stiffer than the 010? i’ve heard some people say that the 010 ultrafear was softer than the 010 horrorscope..

  6. Awesome! … so awesome I bought one!

    Whats size is that Donny is on?

    What weight, height is Donny rockin?, I think im similar build and I go t a 151 … is that about right?

    Also My 151 has a different graphic to the website? .. looks like the 147 from their website?, weird.


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  8. typical Meth Induced WhitePower White Trash.

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