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Terrible Tuesday: Closing Weekend at Snowbird

Milk it for all its worth!

Saturday June 19th, 2010 closing weekend at snowbird with Parker Worthen, Casey Nelson, Ramblin’ Rob, Jason Hindman, and, Cheeseburger

is pretty.... awesome.
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  • fritz

    thats sick I didn’t know they kept that place open so late in the season.

  • hosen

    my favorite edit in a long time.

  • deadlung

    nelly! fakie ollie sevy!

  • http://dogs Colin

    Looked good but wheres the river boardin at!

  • mark

    these guys ride fun, wish it was a longer edit.

  • 84105

    that was such a fun day, super hot tho. SOOOO many MILF’s on the tram deck

  • 19143

    19th? Shyyyttt we here PA closed April 3rd, and that was pushing it.