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A Basin Endisode

It’s seriously over now. Go do something else.

Riders: Chris Sypert, Dom Delfino, Colin Walters, Red Gerard, Brendon Gerard, Jordan Somethin and Riley Doyle
Edit: Colin Walters

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Comments (16)

  1. “it’s seriously over now. go do something else.” couldn’t have said it better myself. i love all the milwaukee shout outs… and by shout outs i mean the drinking of pbr and millercoors tall boys.

  2. that was seriously the best two days of riding i had all year hahahaha!! nothing but booze bitches and blunts SMILES FOO MILESS!!!

  3. boring. cmon yobeat i can post my little brothers outtakes from his mount hood trip. give me some fucking riding. drinking beers and riding doesnt make you cool, it makes you an alt bro fggt.

  4. Ha, maybe you should try learning how to spell the word “faggot” before you go calling an entire site out. I mean, comeon, alt bro fggt? What is this your twitter account? Are you texting to your thirteen year old girlfriend? SPELL WHOLE WORDS

  5. sunday was the best day of the season!

  6. good rebuttal jimbo! loved the river boardin at the end.. nothing like that