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Rhode Island Rail Riding

Dylan Gamache shows you how it’s done. Oh, and that’s what she said.

Edit: Brendan Gouin

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  • lumberjack

    smooth, I like this

  • DÃ¥kka

    empty groomed parks, lifts stopped, I love it. Good style too!

  • karnkarn

    sickk! shoot those rails in a line!! so dope!

  • http://deleted tom b

    one of the best 450s ive ever seen

  • rajon rondo

    god damn, that was so sick. i love this kids style.

  • milksteak

    i had to rewind that back 180 50-50 switch back 180 out a few butter

  • wildo

    dudes got some ill style

  • lickity split

    so fresh and so clean

  • fritz

    get this guy in the loonatics edits!!

  • Fonzie

    that was ill! 180 on, reverse momentum back 3 out was nuts!

  • nice

    that was sick. back 1 back 3, not many people can do those, and even less do them well

  • 720boardshop

    Kid Killed that double barrel down rail at the end, all bangers

  • mattywalks


  • CI

    finally someone good from rhode island who isnt shane flood

  • jerm

    ah CI took my comment. hahaha. was going to try and throw in some sort of burn on rego too but its too late

  • Jimbo

    Suuuper smooth. How does a state thats 45 minutes across at its longest point, and has snow the consistency of snot, produce such a style rider?

  • tightt

    suchhhh good style. so tight

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