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Firing Squad: June 8, 2010

While the fun barrage of comments the last few weeks was fun, we really can’t justify making Zach Griswold’s black and white shot go another week. He won, so congrats. That means it’s time for a new battle and here’s what we’ve got. Happy voting!

Photo 1


Photo 2


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Think you can do better? Then quit your bitching. The Firing Squad is a weekly photo competition. Winners of a single battle will receive a pair of Da Kine gloves and should a photo survive 4 weeks, the photographer receives a place in the Champions Gallery and a Da Kine Camera Pack, as well as a chance to compete in the year-end Ultimate Champions battle. To enter your own photo in the Firing Squad, check out our submission guidelines.

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Comments (51)

  1. Photo 1 definitely has a good dump face going on. At least it’s well framed and void of any background objects interfering with the subject.

  2. both are well lit, photo 1 seems like it wouldn’t be a good photo without a fisheye, where as photo 2 would be cool either way. I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m just saying photo 1 is using a fisheye to make the trick look better, where as photo 2 is using one to add to the photo.

  3. Technically they’re both using it to “add” to the photo. Tough call on this one for me, both are good but neither really pop out to me.

  4. Ohh tough one. I like how 2 is simple, but well composed. 1 has a badass in-your-face feel that seems to be popular these days.

    shit. eney mini miney uno

  5. These pics don’t make skateboarding look very good. I mean, they are a combined 6 feet off the ground. Torstein just landed a triple-cork 1440. Can we just make this a snowboarding photo battle or, at the very least, get some more interesting photos. I mean, the kid who just won like 5 weeks in a row couldn’t even charge Robbie Sell’s batteries. Just sayin…

  6. go triplecork yourself off a bridge kook..

  7. “couldn’t even charge robbie sell’s batteries” haha.. I think your building robbie up a little bigger than he is. as for being 6 feet off the ground, street skating is a good deal cooler to look at than vert or mega ramp photos.

  8. 6 –

    I doub’t you’re Torstein, he’s not quite gay enough to plug himself that way. This can only mean that you’re some kid who is just WAY too into Torstein. Nobody cares about his backflip-late double cork-esque tripple. It’s summer dude…

  9. 1 isn’t bad and I like Robbie Sell and Torstein is fun to say and I’m goin to hood in 6 days!!!

  10. 1 is def soft, the focus is on the head though so it’s not completely out of focus.

  11. #2 is catchin the flip nice but im drawn to #1 way more, maybe its because of the shat face or the fact that the tranny from pavement to the thing looks gnarly. Again with any skate photos whatever gets me stoked to shred I like, regardless of talent or quality of the shot ( within reasonable boundaries )

  12. Pic 2 is a bad ass flip, pic 1 is a really truth sk8 momentum, add also night time, and photographer risk… Dmourati and Carlos both of you just got the right conecction, good work-team….

  13. photographer risk if he cant land a ride on 50-50 6 inches off the ground…

  14. Penn has obviously never had the pleasure of trucks kicked out into your lens….

  15. Well, seeing as how mikey lost a flash during this shoot, I’d say he risked more. As for trucks getting kicked out, I doubt the person shooting photo 1 had a chance to be looking through the viewfinder when he was resting the cam on or inches off the ground to put himself at risk, if you’re shooting fisheye, it’s not a good idea to be looking through the lens unless your a little distance away, so he’s really not at any risk.

  16. stale mate!

  17. Ok i am happy guy in a mad world!!! was just a comment!!!1

  18. The second one doesn’t do much for me. The shadows on the garage door distract me and the frame seems looser than it needs to be. The first shot takes it for me, but I think it would be way better in black and white.

  19. I wouldn’t say photo 1 is even 3 feet off the ground, and the shit wouldn’t even look sick with out a fish eye. photo 2 has a lot of character and skill to it, even with out the fisheye the photo’d be ill as fuck.

  20. Yeah Sum-1, that’s what I was saying earlier. if you compare the size of that bolt to the size of his wheel, you can see the monster distortion that’s going on, which leads me to believe there’s no way he’s more than 1 foot up it.

  21. Who cares how high up he is. Isn’t that kinda the point of using the fisheye? You throw it on your camera and use it to make what would normally be a plain or dull shot turn into a more interesting one?

    I’m not arguing, I’m just saying. I’m still pretty torn though, I really like photo 2

  22. Comeon. Photo 2 is legit. Like stated many times before, photo 1 would look terrible without the fish eye. Photo2 looks almost as if there was no fish eye, and the colors make the whole photo pop.

    2 foh sho

  23. photo 2 is looks pretty akwardly lit and photoshoped (which obiovuly didnt help it) 2 is an all around great picture and besides.. 1 is like, 3 inches off the ground..

    Where do people read Trick battle?
    Photo 2 doesn’t involve a real skill to capture it, just timing.

  25. John if that is the way you feel, photo 1 requires the same amount of skill… Because all that is going on in bolth is very good timing and som flash setups.

    Also a well timed kickflip seems a bit harder to snap, than a 50-50 on a polejam.

  26. haha Luke is right. what do you mean it doesnt take skill? it’s easier to stick a fisheye 6 inches from a ride on than time a kickflips catch. but if you wanna peanut slave 2 lomo flashes to a kodak easyshare with a plastic fisheye lens and “easily” shoot photo 2 again, please amuse me.

  27. photo 2 is tight! the timing on that catch is alone better than that small ride on 50-50. the lighting in the photo really make it stand out, the colors are vibrant and easy on the eyes. the whole photo is really well laid out and as said before would be dope even without the fish. photo 1 doesn’t even require much skill, not even the trick. and the face takes so much away from the photo in my opinion, i mean really. He looks like hes trying so hard on such an easy trick. lame.

  28. I’m not surprised he looks like he’s trying really hard. Note the sessions t-shirt, obviously a snowboarder, and I think we all know how hard it is for snowboarders to skate

  29. I think the best picture is the picture number 1 because it makes you feel the motion of the skater

  30. You’re right Cristi, it does make you feel like taking a shit, good point

  31. Dear post #6,
    Thanks, appreciate the comment, but I’m not the ultimate judge. I like to critique, but I’m not a professional photographer or photo editor, so there isn’t much weight to my opinions.
    Sometimes I like shitty photos. Just sayin…

  32. I don’t really see any appeal in Photo 1… without a fisheye, you would realize that he’s probably 3 inches off the ground, probably didn’t land it, and the spot is really stupid. The photo itself is not even that great, the lighting emphasizes the pavement more than the skater.

    However, photo 2 is well lit, and a good trick.

  33. mike’s the maaaannn! photo 2 for sure.

  34. it’s just so majestic, i can’t handle myself.

  35. I just can’t beleive mourati or whatever found that many heads to vote for him, thank God for flickr and twitter

  36. cookies the man, skating vermont is tight too, photo 2 for sure, a million times better

  37. i lose brain cells reading the sissy fights on this.

  38. these skate battles = too much bitchin. maybe we’re just upset that the season is over. how about some summer shred photos sometime soon. bring back the love.

  39. I really appreciate Photo 1 for how raw it truly is. I feel like it fully embodies early street skating, and the trick isn’t too shabby either (nearly vertical polejams are nothing to scaugh at).

    However, Photo 2 is just really well done, and the colors make it pop. My only displeasure is the slight over saturization in Photo 2.

    Good luck photographers.

  40. photo one sucks donkey dick, vote photo 2!

  41. The shirt is just a tribute for Steve C he gave it to him, and doesn’t mean nothing at all… sk8boarding is about passion and fillings not about how hard you skate… what should a sk8ter wear? a Powell Peralta shirt or should better try to look as Tnt with the same sunglasses…


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