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Girls Skateboarding!

Brendan Gouin is a friend of Pat Fenelon from RI, which makes him a-ok in our book. He recently sent some links to various skate videos he’d made, most of which included some fancy trickery and neat-o shots. With full intention of posting this one, I clicked over to Brendan’s Vimeo and found something better! This video of Saara. As a girl who occasionally dabbles on a skateboard, I am well aware of the fascination that comes with a girl who drop in, ollie, or really do anything at a skatepark other than scam on HOT GUYZ. So I posted this one instead. Saara — if you come to Portland hit me up, I know all the good 2-foot mini ramps!

If you know, you know.
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Comments (22)

  1. this is degrading to women everywhere.

  2. i just threw up in my mouth

  3. I knew I should’ve turned back as soon as I saw this was a girls vid. IMO it would have been better if it ended with the wreck segment

  4. Put a ramp in the kitchen then we will talk

  5. Yeahhhhh killing the 2 foot mini, women’s skating is like women’s snowboarding, funny at first than really embarrassing

  6. kind of a joke, same trick over and over…

  7. you wanna hear a joke?…. womens sports

  8. Read the comments before I watched the video and thought all you guys were dickheads… I just watched it and now I would like to retract my previous statement

  9. i like it brooke. way fun to watch.

  10. Hey douchebags,

    Watch this before you make any definitive statements about girls skateboarding.

    She could kick any of your faggot snowboard asses any day.

  11. woah marisa del santo rips. and so does saara, i’ll spread the love.

    But, i hate how dudes always ask why women’s sports are behind mens and then turn around and brutally hate on female athletes. Those two attitudes are related. Its hard for a girl to come up in a sport that is a male-dominated realm, physically, visually, verbally and emotionally. You need to stop hating and start encouraging women and girls to get involved and stay involved. Otherwise, you’re just another misogynistic jock.


    this is the only way girls should be involved in boardsports….

  13. I don’t hate on women in men’s sports. I think they’ll be great once they learn how to ollie. Until then though, there’s no denying that watching 90% of womens skate/snowboarding is much like watching a bunch of 8 year old boys try to rip

  14. would ya rather have a girl whos out there trying shit not afraid to fall, or a fake tan omg my nail just broke hoe? cmonn dudes stop hatin on chicks that are killin it


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