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Firing Squad Fail: Zack Griswold

Just ’cause your photo loses a Firing Squad battle doesn’t mean we don’t still care about you. This week it was Zack Griswold who felt victim to the votes, and even though it was a few days ago, here’s a little more info about his shot.

The photo was shot when I was on vacation out in Bozeman, Montana. It’s a somewhat hidden location in Bear Canyon that a few riders built a while back. It’s a whole line down the hill made up of several different wooden features, the pole jam being my personal favorite. It was shot at around 6 at night with 2 flashes at the amazing temperature of 6 degrees. It was the first photo session after getting out there, the person riding in the photo’s name is Ben Davies, who currently attends college at Steamboat in Colorado.

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Comments (27)

  1. uhp…changed my mind. i’m gonna go look for it now.

  2. @Carson stop acting like a prepubescent girl and get the fuck over it. IT’S A GODAMN LOG, not a piece of gold.

  3. Well Carson, thanks for explaining your “choose” to hate on my description.

  4. if its that big of a deal when people come up there all you have to do is ask them to leave and not come back, respect will get respect. anyone in utah may know of a spot called the bone zone, well before it was the bone zone it was the spot to pre and post season, people post the shit out of this place in utah and if anyone that hasnt put in work is told that they need to leave (respectfully) and they understand… if you make a big deal of it they will just want to come back again and trash your “super secret spot” or at least i would.

  5. I love how every internet argument involves a lesson on grammar

  6. I heard the log park was to the left of the big tree and circa de that one big rock that sorta sticks out of the ground. Also I heard rail gardens are off the hwy in SLC, and that JP and ThefakeJeremeyJones have a hidden rail spot 17 steps to the left of an old gatorade bottle in a very secret valley that is totally not on the way to Brighton. Also, I heard there is a secret handrail in Quebec, but only one of them. Rumor has it you might find a super sweet gap in Arizona too, I think Evil Kanevil or however you spell that dead guy’s name tried it once.

  7. ^haha, that’s great, pretty sure kanevil hit it switch.