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Firing Squad Fail: Zack Griswold

Just ’cause your photo loses a Firing Squad battle doesn’t mean we don’t still care about you. This week it was Zack Griswold who felt victim to the votes, and even though it was a few days ago, here’s a little more info about his shot.

The photo was shot when I was on vacation out in Bozeman, Montana. It’s a somewhat hidden location in Bear Canyon that a few riders built a while back. It’s a whole line down the hill made up of several different wooden features, the pole jam being my personal favorite. It was shot at around 6 at night with 2 flashes at the amazing temperature of 6 degrees. It was the first photo session after getting out there, the person riding in the photo’s name is Ben Davies, who currently attends college at Steamboat in Colorado.

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Comments (27)

  1. Way to Fucking Blow it. Not that a lot of people didn’t already know where it was, but Thanks for telling Everyone where the log park is

    sincerely, the people who built it

  2. oh snap. haha you just don’t do that

  3. @Carson, word, I’ll make sure not to let the other 30 people know that live in Montana. Wouldn’t want more waxed boards to go over pieces of wood.

  4. Holy shit, I didn’t notice that was Ben! I go to school with that kid, he’s cool as shit, and he rips too…

  5. still man its curiosity. rails are like fishing spots, you dont give em out.

  6. its really non of your business to publish a photo and tell everyone where its at. this log park took alot of work to build and u gapers have no right to go ride it and post a gay ass picture of it and tell everyone where its at. go built ur own log jibs and leave ours alone.

  7. Haha… *it’s *none *it’s *a lot *you *it’s *build *your

    You actually are a retard sir, thank you for not graduating high school so you could use your time to build this nice log park. I have every right to shoot any photo anywhere I want, even if you say it twice. If you build a log park on public property, I have every right to hit it, shoot it, and publish it. I’m sorry I gave people a vague description of where it is, it’s not like there’s a map with big arrows pointing to it, it could take several hours to find this place. I doubt people will even try after seeing this, “gay ass photo”. Thanks though.

  8. Yo Z. Quit being so defensive, the people that built it are just worried that if too many people find out about the log park then it will get torn down. The other day I was up there and some fucks had left a bunch of trash up there. A little respect please.

  9. @ Carson and Retard. People are always going to find your spots. Happened to us in Steamboat last year when we built our own little section ‘cus Steamboats park is a joke. Who cares, stop hating, everyone is there to just shred and have a good time. You sound like Shaun White getting his own half pipe built and not sharing it with his friends to learn new tricks. That’s not what its about!! Stop being a panzy, grow the fuck up, and just be happy you’re riding in the first place for the love of riding.

  10. Thank you Boston, and MK, I’m only being defensive because I find it inane that I should need to be hated on when I was asked to give a description about the shot and did. I had no intentions of telling people exactly where it is. You cannot find this spot unless you know where it is, period.

  11. Exactly, I’m sure Bear Canyon is huge. Just from that description i’m sure i am positive i can’t find that spot. There just hating and are jealous they didn’t get the shot! Sweet shot BTW. Tell your budy get out of Steamboat ASAP haha, Summit County’s where its at, the Boats just got the POW.

  12. Exactly, I’m sure Bear Canyon is huge. Just from that description i’m sure i am positive i can’t find that place. There just hating and are jealous they didn’t get the shot! Sweet shot BTW. Tell your budy get out of Steamboat ASAP haha, Summit County’s where its at, the Boats just got the POW.

  13. haha man I would if I could, I have no way of contacting Ben, he fell off the face of the planet after I last saw him in Montana, he doesn’t even know this photo made it in a contest

  14. dear cry babies,

    i have no idea how precious this rail is and i will probably never find out because because like most of the other hundred(s of) people who read this site, i don’t live anywhere near Bear Canyon or wherever and if i did i would already fucking know where it was. are you worried about the chances of some random internet lurker reading Zack’s explanation and then trying to scower all of Bear Canyon or wherever to find your little spot? and how secret is it if Zack and some dude from Colorado found it? quit crying and go build a new super top secret super spot if it bothers you that much. and then don’t tell aaaaannyone about it.

    dope photo btw.

  15. Holy shit! I can’t wait to go to montana now, fuck riding the infamous pow, take me to this ever so sick log jib park in the middle of fucking nowhere. Dork.

  16. jesus..chill the fuck out. it’s just a godamn log.

  17. i planted that fucking tree that the log was made out of. you assholes.

  18. ya’ll crazy. no one reads yobeat

  19. Z, Boston

    Yea, nobody lives in montana..I know, but most people in Bozeman ski or snowboard and know where bear canyon is. We have been up there numerous times and had to clean up trash, and the more people that know about it, the greater chance their will be of it getting torn down by the forest service. I understand that you were told to give a description of the shot..but that doesn’t mean you have to tell where it is…even if it is a vague description their are really only a few different trails in BC…lot’s of people have stumbled upon it. The fact of the matter is…it’s a secret spot that you did not build or have anything to do with and you posted it on the internet with a description of where it is. It doesn’t really matter now though because it’s already happened, I just thought i would thoroughly explain my choose to hate on your description, cause you fucking blew it

  20. uhp…changed my mind. i’m gonna go look for it now.

  21. @Carson stop acting like a prepubescent girl and get the fuck over it. IT’S A GODAMN LOG, not a piece of gold.

  22. Well Carson, thanks for explaining your “choose” to hate on my description.

  23. if its that big of a deal when people come up there all you have to do is ask them to leave and not come back, respect will get respect. anyone in utah may know of a spot called the bone zone, well before it was the bone zone it was the spot to pre and post season, people post the shit out of this place in utah and if anyone that hasnt put in work is told that they need to leave (respectfully) and they understand… if you make a big deal of it they will just want to come back again and trash your “super secret spot” or at least i would.

  24. I love how every internet argument involves a lesson on grammar

  25. I heard the log park was to the left of the big tree and circa de that one big rock that sorta sticks out of the ground. Also I heard rail gardens are off the hwy in SLC, and that JP and ThefakeJeremeyJones have a hidden rail spot 17 steps to the left of an old gatorade bottle in a very secret valley that is totally not on the way to Brighton. Also, I heard there is a secret handrail in Quebec, but only one of them. Rumor has it you might find a super sweet gap in Arizona too, I think Evil Kanevil or however you spell that dead guy’s name tried it once.

  26. ^haha, that’s great, pretty sure kanevil hit it switch.


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