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Vote for the new YoBeat Shirt!

Thanks to everyone who submitted designs for the new YoBeat shirts — you’ve succeeded in slightly devaluing the work of our in house designer, and giving us another decision we’re too lazy to make. But since we’re not the ones who will be clamoring to our web store to purchase these fine items (we totally get them for free! (well, aside from paying for them to be made, blah)) we figured it was time for another fun e-vote anyway. These are our top 5 favorite designs submitted, but you, the loyal YoBeat reader make the call of which one gets printed. The design with the most votes on Monday, April 12th wins!

Design 1: Lange Girl Gone Wild! By TB


Design # 2: Yobeat? By Cody Sanders


Design 3: Electric! By Mark Raihna


Design 4: Space Invaders! By William Frank


Design 5: Bathory By Tim Benasich (by popular demand!)


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  • ryan

    is the king diamond in a bikini? with ski boots on??

  • Jimbo

    I like “Yobeat?” but for me its a toss-up, I think the “electric” one is sick, but you can’t overlook anything with space invaders on it.

    I like those two so much that if neither wins, I just may have to take up bootlegging…

  • fritz

    #2 is very cool

  • luke

    please make the shirts in 2x too please.

  • Cooper

    Codys gonna win for sure, nice with the scene.

  • tom b

    bathory! and agreed with the 2x… 1x’s get a little snugg

  • #1 shit face


  • tom b

    the only thing that might be better is a municipal waste shirt

  • Motivemd

    Shop rags…..I know I didn’t submit by the due date but I’ve still got an opinion.

  • Benny the Jet
  • Satan’s Horticulturist

    Well Bathory is my boy and all, but the image cutout needs to be cleaned up a little.

  • Nor’east Fucktard

    fucking Bathory

  • Tony


  • mark

    cody is a G

  • Lurch

    is #2 two dudes getting busy? looks like a bad gonz knockoff to me……

  • Mik


    yeah, bad gonz knockoff for sure

  • eddie

    there’s a differance between influence/inspiration and being a knockoff….#2 rules.

  • alex

    #2.Yobeat? – artwork #5.Bathory – google images



  • art director

    lotsa suck here. #1 is the only one with any serious rad to it. Opinion based on concept, not execution

  • Gyp

    Bathory or bust!

  • mike d

    #2 – Codias, is the man. Gonz knockoff??? che?

  • tom b


  • McDuck

    subway sandwich logo

  • admin

    All right, here’s the deal. We’re gonna make both Cody’s design and Bathory. The shirts are now in the store for preorder. If you want one, get over there and order it so we know how many to make etc.