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Terrible Tues. Tips: How to Freestyle Ski with Real Pros!

[media id=113 width=555 height=320]

A couple top pro skiers take time out of their busy days of bitches, beers and X Games medals to share the art to their craft. Now you can be a sweet ski stunter too.

is pretty.... awesome.
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Comments (23)

  1. The thing that struck me, coming from the digital media industry is that this is actually really what a lot of news content may look like in the future. Stay with me. The camera quality is good enough, editing is actually pretty good, The “story” has been thought through, cost almost nothing to create, it has original and stolen content and shows that citizen journalist can create completely engaging content.

    Well done.

  2. that yobeat bathory logo needs to be a shirt sippity sap!

  3. “Terrible Tips: Trying hard to get someone to link on NS and get YoBeat a bunch of traffic”

  4. nah just making fun of the true gayness of skiing


  6. haha epic daffy at the end.

    keep the original content coming! loooove it!

  7. tom b has it right, bathory shirt needs to happen…or at least a mayhem yobeat shirt

  8. yawn.

  9. just counting the minutes until the hate from newschoolers starts pouring in

  10. A+ wooooooooooooooooooooooo laughin my headz off

  11. tim how the fuck did you get david’s whistle?

  12. This thread is what I love so much about Newschoolers

  13. Do you guys teach how to rip moguls? or spread those eagles?

  14. Catfish read newschoolers! lolz!!

  15. Holy fucking shit. That was just…

    fucking brilliant guys

  16. WOW. Thanks to these real pros now i know how to SKI!!!!!

  17. for the record i was kidding earlier about being a hater Pat, haha and
    as a skiier myself i told them how it is on newschoolers……

  18. the fact that you people took the time to make this makes you as lame as skiers

  19. if the snowboarders at X could ever land a trick I might find this funny. catch up.

    not funny.


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