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Tahoe Pow Gallery

Ryan Egan

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Powder, sun and Ryan Egan

A fast moving storm hit the West Coast on Friday March 12, 2010 bringing up to 2 feet of fresh snow in the Sierras. The snowmobiles were loaded up on the trailers as I headed out for another great backcountry day. The crew included: Andy Finch, Ryan Eagan, Andy Spotts, Tyler Copeland & myself. After countless hours of trying to get a snowmobile track set, we were finally able to get some work done & have some fun. The upper parts of the mountain were uncharacteristically scoured from northern winds, but we did manage to find some protected areas and enjoyed the fresh snow.– Eric Asistin

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Comments (3)

  1. Don’t be too jealous of us, it all melted in like 36 hours. Now we’re just like the rest of you . . . we’re powder-poor

  2. Sick shots E to bad they aren’t in the photo battle! Keep up the goods..

  3. Fuck yeah, Tyler!