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March Madness at Sugarloaf

Possibly inspired by a previous video we’ve posted, the snowboarding miscreants at Sugarloaf actually got their passes pulled during the making of this video. Trouble. Nothing but trouble.

Boardin': Sam Mercer, Thomas Haraden, Jasper Tripp, Dylan Darienzo, Ian Daly , Felice Pozzi, Alex Tuttle, Arthur Pinnault, Ben Eames
Filmin’: Ben Eames
Editin’: Sam Mercer

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  • Jimbo

    I see nothing deserving of a pulled pass in there other than having fun. Fuck the man for keeping us down

  • thomas

    The most direct route to Sugarloaf’s advanced park is on the mountain’s most popular “slow-skiing” trail.

  • vennage

    ahahah this is rad

  • http://aaaaa THE TRUFF

    These hellbent misfits answer to no authority, except their $30,000 a year academy coaches who tell them when and where to grab during USASA!

  • Nor’east Fucktard

    Fuckin awesome fellas. DK bringin the pain…the ambASSadors can suck my pathetic irish dick ( you like how i did that, all witty, put ASS in ambassador) . They stand right near the entrance to haywire and eyefuck you as you ride by.