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March Madness at Sugarloaf

Possibly inspired by a previous video we’ve posted, the snowboarding miscreants at Sugarloaf actually got their passes pulled during the making of this video. Trouble. Nothing but trouble.

Boardin’: Sam Mercer, Thomas Haraden, Jasper Tripp, Dylan Darienzo, Ian Daly , Felice Pozzi, Alex Tuttle, Arthur Pinnault, Ben Eames
Filmin’: Ben Eames
Editin’: Sam Mercer

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Comments (5)

  1. I see nothing deserving of a pulled pass in there other than having fun. Fuck the man for keeping us down

  2. The most direct route to Sugarloaf’s advanced park is on the mountain’s most popular “slow-skiing” trail.

  3. These hellbent misfits answer to no authority, except their $30,000 a year academy coaches who tell them when and where to grab during USASA!

  4. Fuckin awesome fellas. DK bringin the pain…the ambASSadors can suck my pathetic irish dick ( you like how i did that, all witty, put ASS in ambassador) . They stand right near the entrance to haywire and eyefuck you as you ride by.


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