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Ride Shakedown Rail Jam Gallery


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The Ride Shakedown is the place to be in the Northwest right now. Previously a “Canadian” thing, the mayhem shred fest landed stateside on March 12, 2010 at the Summit at Snoqualmie. After the nighttime rail shredding was done, Austin Hironaka and Izzy Lalive took top honors for their stunts, and Zimmerman was there to catch it all on pixels. Today, though, the real show goes down. Get pumped.


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  1. Crap, I left my watermark on those. Sorry everyone.

  2. The judging in this event was god awful. Brandon Reis & Zach Hale were murdering rails the entire time and somehow Austin gets into the best trick finals? He did good, but far worse than the other two(hometown hero maybe???). Bailey was crushing it too. And for the girls? Joanna Dzierzawski(Pnut) got absolutely robbed. She fell I think once and was hitting all 3 features consistently. Megan Whiteside only hit one feature the entire time, and looked like she was on a diet of eating snow, and Izzy was pretty inconsistent. But hey, at least the contest was well put together, lol. What a joke of a contest. Wait till you see tonights disaster of a big air finale. The qualies looked like a falling down contest, and the rail setup is pretty awesome if you like to get concussions. Great work Snoqualmie, you wonder why your resort is forgettable…


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