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Who would have thought a little mountain in PA would have a wicked hot snowboard scene? Well, it does and the locals aren’t spoiled by things like “good conditions.” Just a fun park with friends, as evidenced in this edit by Matt Roberge.

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Comments (12)

  1. is that you you matty on the Forum?

  2. boulder is the scene-est

  3. Nice cameo by me doing what i do best. woo!

  4. This could have been a cool edit with a different song and editor… sorry but it was terrible

  5. can i just say best song ever?

  6. if you cant appreciate this song with this footage then i just dont know what to think anymore

  7. That place looks so fun. Stevedave is the scenest actually.

  8. Louie Hanft Ladies and gentlemen. The one and only. He is better then you will ever be


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