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Philly’s Backyard Park

We’re not judging, but it seems like people who are this into snowboarding might have wanted to consider attending college somewhere other than Philadelphia. Then again, make due with what ya got, right? The Temple University Snowboard Club got it done in the name of the Rome college jib park contest, Ima Better Jibba, and their entry proved to be highly entertaining (there was fire!), so check it out.

Filmed by John Jay Wiley and others

Edit: John Jay Wiley and Andrew Rutledge.

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Comments (33)

  1. search for the ft collins one….. ima betta jibba entry……. got these chumps wrapped up like a 5 layer burrito!

  2. Too bad you guys get tons of snow, we build our park in the hood with our bare hands and no help from mother nature

  3. Dear ft collins. You guys put together a wonderful edit. You got the babes, you got the booze, but your missing the key ingredients to a great edit. BUMFIRES Broken glass landings and Crazy hood people. but we dig ur edit.

  4. hell yeah philly. this shit better win ima betta jibba son

  5. pretty good, but morgantown has held it down for this contest thus far.

  6. Good effort, scene scenery, unique concept, lame riding.

  7. Haters will hate, 4 days to truck in the snow, 40 hours to shoot and edit. We had more fun than a drunk girl at an open bar, and were still riding it.

  8. Worth it!

    just go to boulder

  9. i recommend you try another sport, like knitting.

  10. between this and their bell tower rail jam, temple easily spent 5 times as much time setting shit up as they did riding it. i miss the days of juicy lucey.

  11. It’s not a sponsor tape, we don’t care about competition, we just ride for fun…bummed to see others out there that feel superior in the sport. Maybe try soccer or persay “the knitting olymipcs”. Regardless, the amount of effort that was made to get this rolling could almost be compared to solving our nations stimulus package.

    Props to everyone that helped with this and the railjam, and the nearly sleepless nights in preparing this edit in two days from just a dirt lot.

  12. I give it to wvu for their riding, it’s not bad however as it has all been said above they have the fortune of getting snow way more regularly than here in philly so in order to even enter this little competition we had to use all of the snow left from our railjam on campus. Now WVU I ask this why make a controversy out of it if we’re all out there to do the same thing ride our snowboards, make a video and have some laughs… or at least I would assume and hope that we are.

    I will also put it to them with this, the name of the competition is Ima Betta Jibba a competition to build the best backyard jib park and to be honest you guys have a single rail and a box; on top of that you also fail to catch the views between both videos. TUSC has 1,902 as of the time this was posted not to mention it was only uploaded at 5am monday the first after the editing was completed at 4am, while the WVU edit has 1,250 after being up for a total of 13 days. I’m not saying this to belittle anyone here I’m merely stating facts about this competition and about what’s going on.

    I also did hear that TUSC invited the WVU guys up to their railjam so I’m sure you would’ve been able to ride that set up, I say get along and have some fun.

  13. I’m still giving it to the IUP gringos for backyard superpark. You’ve presented a lot of good evidence Lens Flare, but I assure you that no one from WVU looks at Yobeat besides me. The rest of those guys have NASCAR races to watch. There are no criticisms coming from us.

  14. Thanks guys
    we like your shedit too

    your friends in Fort Collins

  15. Last time I rode with temple kids I watched them consistently skip rails to 360 off the lips. They got em’ dialed in by the end of the day though.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on your set up, your situation, or the effort that went into it. Props on that. Just saying your busters. Just saying.

  16. PSU open in 3 weeks should b fun

  17. I hope Rome sends enough riders to satisfy Guidos girlfriend, as half the local boulder kids already have! Lol! Just kidding. But not really.

  18. I hope you send me your address so i can make you hate life, I’m gonna fuck you till you love me faggot!

  19. I hope you send me your address so i can make you hate life, I’m gonna kill the shit outta you. kill yo self

  20. go fuck yourself temple.we’ll settle this at boulder this weekend. wvu for life

  21. People like you make me sick. Just enjoy the sport and don’t turn it into immature confrontational subject. By doing so, your words psychoanalytically proove your insecurity as a human beign and a source of regression that you should really go seek therapy for. Best regards to everyone, and enjoy this awesome winter.

  22. I’m sick of your psycho-Freudian analysis, doublebanger. The sport IS an immature confrontational subject. Snowboarding and I are not growing up anytime soon. The only thing thats growing up is in my greenhouse. Have fun soulboarding in the streets of brotherly love bro

  23. NASTYNATE SUCKS, you and all the faggots you ride with are fucking lame and fucking suck at snowboarding. open your eyes and realize it. i hope you are at boulder next weekend pussy

  24. Guys, every time we fight Christine Brennan and the terrorists win. Have you guys forgotten about 9/11? Never forget how lucky we are to be living in America and not in some third world country like Australia or Canada. Yahweh bless us all.

  25. Hey TUSC, cool it, O.K? I mean, do you even know Nasty Nate? Hes doing what he wants to do, just let him go. Geez.

  26. fuck you temple. big boulder tomorrow. we’ll all be dressed the same with the same boards. meet us at the summit of devil’s backbone, high noon. scene you there.

  27. Philly is SO fuckin’ hood … thats home.

  28. Hey TUSC, this video is dope. Looks super fun, I dont see anything like this coming out of the PSSC? Oh wait, maybe that is because they are all too damn cool and scene to actually progress and enjoy snowboarding. Keep on hating, PSSC, while the rest of us surpass you in skill and intelligence, maybe one day you guys can be on our level.

  29. […] have to be bound by the chairlift, or a mediocre park. Whether it’s a park in your backyard or deep in the woods, DIY snowboard spots are popping up everywhere. Check out a couple secret […]


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