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Tall Treez Vol.3: Nick Poohachoff in Colorado

There are no shortage of big jump lines in Colorado right about now, and on a recent trip Nick Poohachoff apparently hit all of them. From Keystone, to Breck, you wouldn’t even know he’s coming off knee surgery, except we just told you.

Edit: Martin Rubio/

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Comments (9)

  1. those big stuntman jumps are tooo large for me

  2. supa smooth clean style . props!

  3. amazing style…almost as amazing as keystone/breck being able to put together such amazing parks without any snowfall

  4. what is the name of the intro song?? dope edit!

  5. Yeah Pooch!

  6. Breck is so much better than keystone right now.. and this kid kills it.. so hard..


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