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Terrible Tues. Tips: Bang That Gong!

The Canyons was nice enough to hook up some passes for me and the boys, so we’ve been filming there a bunch lately. Within the park there is a gong, just dangling, waiting for someone to bang it. If you happen to make it to the Canyons, you’ll probably want to bang it too, so for this tip, here are a few suggestions of how to do just that. Includes the gong tapping of Tim Benasich, Greg Bokenkamp, Lucas Magoon, Eric Fernandez, Ramblin’ Rod, Jonah Owen, and Tucker Andrews.

is pretty.... awesome.
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Comments (8)

  1. whats wrong brendon this video even has box combos, you should have loved it.

  2. hahhhhahahahahhahahahahah thts tre there are box combos there

  3. box combos are the gayes ever

  4. Jep and brendon your LAME.

  5. Yo beat why did u delete my comment?