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Nick Dirks Injury Report


Sad news for fans of Nick Dirks’ stunting, he suffered a broken femur over the holidays and is down for the count for four months or so. The incident occurred off the Cascade Lift at Mt. Hood Meadows. “I ran into a boulder,” Nick said. “Focused my leg, I looked like Gumby.” We assume he meant Gumby covered with bad homemade tats, but still, not an image we like to picture.

Nick got the joy of an ambulance ride from Mt. Hood to Portland, which if you know anything about Oregon geography, you’ll understand is not that close. Then after the first surgery to put everything back in place was done haphazzardly, he had to go under the knife again to have the rod straightened out. Needless to say, this will not be a cheap experience, even if they did “comp” the second surgery. Thankfully Nick has insurance, but thanks to our awesome US Health system it will still drain his bank account in extra charges.

That said, Nick Dirks benefit shirts are in the works, and you will want one, but for now, enjoy his actual X-rays. Get well soon Nick!



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Comments (18)

  1. that is rough, hope he gets better. It pisses me off to hear that he’s going to have to fork over a good sum of cash despite having insurance… such a scam.

  2. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  3. “Thankfully Nick has insurance, but thanks to our awesome US Health system it will still drain his bank account in extra charges.”

    Alright, go live somewhere else and get more “awesome” insurance. Have fun waiting around with a broken femur.

  4. PS Get well soon, that really sucks!

  5. hey matt, maybe come to germany, have (nearly) everything paid for you by the government, enjoy a medical standard way higher than in the US and still wait around NOT. just get a world-class-treatment immediately. that’s called social market economy.

    Have fun with your balls-out-capitalism over there ­čÖé

  6. Gee, Matt — you’re a real smart guy with a keen grasp of how the health system in the US works. Have you and Sarah Palin been studying together?

  7. “Hot Rod”, I like Nick’s new nickname. I wish I had a cool one also.

  8. Bummer for Nick – femur breaks are so gnarly. Get well soon. Cool xrays though!

  9. nick has some great art, i want a tee.

  10. Put me down for a tee… I’m currently out of commission too, just for a much shorter time span.

  11. Bummer on the femur. Hope he feels better soon.

    I can hardly believe they ambulanced him off Hood. I saw a kid with a broken femur airlifted from Timberline once, but an ambulance would be a long and painful ride.

  12. Wishing all the best darling.

  13. Man, hope he’s good now, just came off a broken tib/fib myself. Hope to see him up at hood this year


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