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Terrible Tues Tips: Turning with Tucker Andrews

[media id=80 width=555 height=360]

Tucker Andrews knows how to turn more ways than you can even think of. We’re not just talking heelside and toeside here. Watch as he shows you the art of maneuvering your snowboard.

is pretty.... awesome.
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  • DoubleD

    Man Do I love Tucker! That kid makes me wanna go strap in on some wood and get wild!

  • Alex

    yea roomie!

  • tuqr

    haha, really funny, next level snowboarding.. not..
    learn how to ride

  • Blake Geis

    i can think of a few kids i’ve seen on here who could really use a how to on turning. great tip choice this week

  • jon@BB

    i like this. i will copy it.

  • thecoolesmanintheworld

    tucker tucker tucker tucker tucker!

  • jerm

    wheres the tip for doing this move for people who have boots over the size of 9? nothing i hate more than laying down a fierce carve and hitting my toes and slamming my balls off the snow

  • Heitz

    I feel your pain Jerm, size 13’s over here.

  • Scratch

    Wide boards guys!!
    and say yes to extrem carving with park boards!

  • dmizz

    Big tookie is the man, what a goofball. i love this guy

  • Brendan

    Come to Breck for a hot minute and crank a couple out with me homie.
    -A good ‘ol peddler…

  • drew

    tucker is such a hottie!