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The Indoor British Invasion

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Stunts and Story By Sean Miller

Birmingham, UK. Home of Ozzy Osbourne and Led Zepplin and me. Hi, I’m Sean and I’m from the UK…

I reckon that Tamworth Snowdome probably saved my life. I started snowboarding about 4-5 years ago, after I got dumped by some bird. On the rebound, I naturally wanted to throw myself into something else, and fortunately snowboarding filled the void. I think that if i didn’t snowboard then I’d probably either be a chav or some kind of office type, neither of which is a realistic pursuit of happiness.

The Snowdome is an indoor hill, which in its most basic from is simply a cold snowy hall of pain! Loads of blokes go there to snowboard and fall over a lot; bloodshed in not uncommon. Thanks to it, I get to practice shredding and jibbing each summer before winter sets in. After falling over for four years, I think that now I’ve finally got the hang of snowboarding… but I could be wrong.

This year, I’m heading to Breck for the majority of the winter, so maybe I’ll see some of you US kooks out on the hill. If I do then please say ‘Hi’ so I can ignore you in a quintessentially English arrogant way, or maybe I’ll bore you to death about how we (England) used to rule the world before we gave it away to you!

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Comments (6)

  1. wish i had one of these around here for summertime

  2. by “gave it away” you mean “lost” right? just clarifying. otherwise I enjoyed your film you limey bastard.

  3. hey, the united states won the revolutionary war. tell all your friends!

  4. You’re crouchy as hell but hot damn you’ve got some fun tricks


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