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YoBeat Reader’s Poll = Free Stuff from Airblaster!


Readers Poll 2013

Tell us how you really feel.


 probably gonna go pro (Under 14)

 Still trying to go pro (15-18)

 Am! (19-25)

 Washed up (25-35)

 Over it (36+)

Last time I checked I was

 A boy

 A girl

I reside

 In the east

 In the West

 In the Midwest



 Somewhere else

I classify my style as…

 Hipster (but don't tell anyone I said that)

 Hippie (admit it you, wear tie dye)

 Snow thug (guns not necessary)

 Normal dude (None of the others apply, I guess)

 You mean my sick methods?

How often do you visit Yobeat?

 First time, what the fuck is this place?

 When someone shares an interesting link on Facebook.

 A couple times a week

 Once a day or more

How often do you comment?

 Almost every post

 Only when I feel inspired


When you come to Yobeat, what is the first thing you check?

 To see if there's anything new

 To see if anyone responded to my hilarious comment

 The forum

 I only come here from Facebook

I wish Yobeat posted more about…

 Me and my friends

 Top pros and their opinions


 Snowboard History

 Just post every video

I buy a new snowboard…

 Whenever I have the money.

 Ever Year.

 Every couple years.

 Only when it's absolutely necessary.

 Never (I get my shit for free).

 Never (I don't snowboard).

Where did you get your current snowboard?

 as a hand me down.

 From my local core shop

 I ordered it online

 I stole it.

I think skiing is…

 Fine if that's what you're into


 Fucking awesome.

How often do you snowboard?

 Poser (Never.)

 Average boarder. (A few times a year. )

 weekend warrior (Every weekend!)

 Local status (a lot. a whole lot)

How often do you read snowboard magazines?


 When my friend has one by the toilet.

 Every month!

 What's a magazine?

I buy snowboard movies

 On iTunes - instant gratification

 On DVD - hard copy for lyfe

 Why buy? Snowboard movies are free on the Internet

This year I am most excited about

 Learning new tricks

 Riding pow

 Starting to suck less

 Just going snowboarding.

The Airblaster gear provided is the same stuff used in Party Time Nate’s product reviews. We promise it has been sufficiently disinfected. One entry per person, please.

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Comments (35)

  1. I just enter all my stuff and idk i feel like it didnt take any thing. i didnt see any where to enter my email adress

  2. im pumped you care.

  3. I’m gonna cry if I get this get this gear!!!!!!!!

  4. This would be way better if under “I buy my things based on” there was an option of “whats on sale” and “What I see in the shops”… I felt like all the options made me sound like a sheep of the media

  5. I’m gonna cry if Erik gets this gets this gear!!!!!!!!

  6. still using my pants for the past three years hahahaha..straight up gyspy here..

  7. Please enter me in the airblaster free stuff poll.


  8. yo fellaz// good shit aint//

  9. i wish i had more airblaster stuff but its hard just finding the money for a board.

  10. I agree with Jimbo – many of my purchases depend on “what’s on sale” or a mix of “what’s on sale” and what received good feedback from internet/locals/friends/etc.

  11. snow bunny makes me feel like a cliche hot girl trying to impress a snowboard coach but falling on my ass half the time. no bunny for me.

  12. im going to cry if erik doesnt win this

  13. i like to shred gnar buckets of h1n1 flu vaccines and reptar bars also.

  14. holla holla holla all we do is shop until we drop watch out for bears on the slopes and keep your tips up

  15. Werrd??

  16. I need this gear so I can improve my ridin skillz. Let me win :p

    Airblaster is the shiznit. BTW, the coloring book jacket is sick!!!!

  17. You don’t need our names for the contest??

  18. What if you read YoBeat for that totally hilarious column by that one guy that doesn’t know shit about snowboarding? What’s that one called again?

  19. Airblaster is bomb, especially their base layers

  20. hey maybe im just a tard but i didn’t see any spot where one had the opportunity to submit such things as a way to contact if won..

  21. gypsy in need

  22. wowziers i just mad a mess in my trousers

  23. I need this gear so that I fight crime when its cold outside…in style. And for snowboarding too.

  24. Either way if i get this gear im still gonna shred, amen.

  25. hope Yo’all replace pagan-christofied santa this year.
    ninja suits are the dreamkit

  26. stoked that airblaster has made it, BUT kind of miss the days when nobody knew what it was and everything looked like it was sewn by a four year old.

    shred on shredders.


    he’ll put the gnarly board dweebs in hunskiland. you know its the truth

  28. Airblaster is a gaybalster………LOL…watch the last DVD!!!!!!!!!

  29. AirBlaster is soooo sick!
    Unfortunately not that big in Austria/Germany….


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