YoBeat Reader’s Poll = Free Stuff from Airblaster!


The Airblaster gear provided is the same stuff used in Party Time Nate’s product reviews. We promise it has been sufficiently disinfected. One entry per person, please.

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  1. How?
    How? says:

    I just enter all my stuff and idk i feel like it didnt take any thing. i didnt see any where to enter my email adress

  2. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    This would be way better if under “I buy my things based on” there was an option of “whats on sale” and “What I see in the shops”… I felt like all the options made me sound like a sheep of the media

  3. Fonzie
    Fonzie says:

    I agree with Jimbo – many of my purchases depend on “what’s on sale” or a mix of “what’s on sale” and what received good feedback from internet/locals/friends/etc.

  4. sarah
    sarah says:

    snow bunny makes me feel like a cliche hot girl trying to impress a snowboard coach but falling on my ass half the time. no bunny for me.

  5. hustleandpoop
    hustleandpoop says:

    holla holla holla all we do is shop until we drop watch out for bears on the slopes and keep your tips up

  6. the n00b
    the n00b says:

    What if you read YoBeat for that totally hilarious column by that one guy that doesn’t know shit about snowboarding? What’s that one called again?

  7. kody
    kody says:

    hey maybe im just a tard but i didn’t see any spot where one had the opportunity to submit such things as a way to contact if won..

  8. someguy1234
    someguy1234 says:

    stoked that airblaster has made it, BUT kind of miss the days when nobody knew what it was and everything looked like it was sewn by a four year old.

    shred on shredders.

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