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Terrible Tues Tips: Nollie Frontflips with Sam Spedale

[media id=56 width=600 height=380]

Take notes! Sam Spedale  teaches you the all important nollie front flip. Still not a lot of snow here in Utah, but Brighton has some good snowblower whales for flipping and a few jibs set up.

is pretty.... awesome.
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Comments (35)

  1. brendan regos skweeby skinny legged style SUCKS! every trick he does is so ugly it is almost unbearable to watch him snowboard. brendan do me a favor and go learn how to properly link turns before you start hitting rails. ive been snowboarding since you were in daipers and i will tell you right now that thats a nollie frontflip. by the way go get some new gear, ya look like a fuckin wierdo out there!!!!

  2. cool trick sam. simple as that

  3. Ya Mon , Give it up for Sam sPeDale mon!!!!! lets go chuck some tamers soon budday~!

  4. loon mt. local…come meet up with me…we’ll see who can link turns haha… for serious though..

  5. wholy shit sam spedale is bosssssyy!!!!!!!!!!!!