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Terrible Tues Tips: Nollie Frontflips with Sam Spedale

[media id=56 width=600 height=380]

Take notes! Sam Spedale  teaches you the all important nollie front flip. Still not a lot of snow here in Utah, but Brighton has some good snowblower whales for flipping and a few jibs set up.

is pretty.... awesome.
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Comments (35)

  1. can you please explain to me how this is a “nollie” frontflip? the dude never nollied, he lifted up then leaned forward and did a flip.

  2. hate hate hate hate hate. i like sam and pat.

  3. regopuss: “he lifted up then leaned forward and did a flip”. He lifted up his tail, ollied off of his nose, which is a nollie and flipped. Stop being such a tard regopuss.

  4. thanks.
    this will drastically improve my riding this year.

  5. a nollie backflip on the other hand…

  6. and thats why you dont know what a nollie is

  7. you obviously don’t know what a nollie is if you lean forward on your skateboard and do an endo its not a nollie bud.

  8. this is snowboarding dummy.

    if you want skate trick tips your at the wrong website….

    this is snowboarding!!!

  9. I wanna see him do it without the “nollie”! Yobeat gets lame by the day!

  10. you technicaly have to nollie to front flip….i would love to see somone frontflip of there tail…..

  11. brandon rego…your not that cool.. im just sayin

  12. REGO, Your nothing but a narc. dont hate because you cant go to the mountain every day and do your swivles when every one else here can have fun every day.

    this was proper and this kids more proper then you all will be, so suck it.

  13. stick to those fishbrains a true soles !

  14. if you’re gonna say something to me at least post your name c’mon, i don’t know how i think i’m cool for saying that isn’t a nollie, because it isn’t, maybe because i post my name and then make a comment because i could give 2 fucks about what some kid on the internet is going to say.

  15. i guess telling me to go do a rollerblading trick because i rollerbladed when i was younger should be offensive to me? go tell jed anderson and aaron bittner that…

  16. i am sorry i offended your professional online posting guide lines ,one day i aspire to be on your level , for now really all that need to be said is suck it easy, oh yeah , they dont look like roller bladders when they ride !

  17. Im not talking shit on you im just saying your not as cool as you think you are..becuase you thought you would look badass by putting your name and calling somone out on a trick….well its a nollie and that is why you just are not as cool as you think you are…

  18. I have three balls and i never knew i was gay till just now.

  19. fuck yeah we just witnessed rego coming out of the closet!

  20. how did i call the dude out? all i said was that isn’t a nollie, he doesn’t pop a nollie.. my intention wasn’t to call him out or try to sound bad ass haha.

  21. Sam Spedale fucking RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Or instead of nollie frontflip you could use the word “Tamedog”

  23. look at the last freeze frame. if it wasnt nollie then i dont know what is.

  24. so if you were riding a skateboard and you pushed the nose all the way down until it scraped and then it brought it back down that would be nollie too? a nollie is a trick you pop nollies and this fool just leaned back then leaned forward and did a barrel roll.. if you tried this shit on your skateboard you wouldnt pop a nollie think about it that way you would just lean forward and flip i dont care how cool this guy is dont try to make your trick sound cooler by calling it a nollie frontflip when you dont nollie like that dude above said a nollie back flip would be somethin to see because that would actually be possible to pop a nollie then backflip.

  25. brendon must be cool he posted on here like 10 times today…loooooooner

  26. brendan regos skweeby skinny legged style SUCKS! every trick he does is so ugly it is almost unbearable to watch him snowboard. brendan do me a favor and go learn how to properly link turns before you start hitting rails. ive been snowboarding since you were in daipers and i will tell you right now that thats a nollie frontflip. by the way go get some new gear, ya look like a fuckin wierdo out there!!!!

  27. cool trick sam. simple as that

  28. Ya Mon , Give it up for Sam sPeDale mon!!!!! lets go chuck some tamers soon budday~!

  29. loon mt. local…come meet up with me…we’ll see who can link turns haha… for serious though..

  30. wholy shit sam spedale is bosssssyy!!!!!!!!!!!!


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