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Feldman Fridays: Nial and Matt

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Ask and ye shall receive — introducing Feldman Friday’s. Colton Feldman will be driving around this great country of ours (and maybe even our neighbor to the North,) filming a full length follow-up to last year’s TUFFlove. In the process he’ll bring you mini edits with his crew every Friday right here on YoBeat. This first edit features Nial Romanek and Matt Rabow jibbing around the early season Boreal Park.

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Comments (6)

  1. Ya’ll motha fuckas izz killin’ shit

  2. colton when’s the mardi gras dump em edit coming out?

  3. haha soon enuff. MAYBE NEXT FRIDAY!!!

  4. That was sickkk!
    Sick style.
    So stoked to go shred!
    Good work boys!


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