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Magic Mondays: Take it to the Streets

[media id=47 width=600 height=400]

The Magic Hair Productions crew got urban (ok, suburban) this week thanks to the snow coming down in Colorado. Enjoy.

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Comments (8)

  1. Normally I hate this shit but I’ve always wanted to shoot someone using that yellow ledge/bank like that. Nice work.

  2. thats what this video was. please no more magic mondays. find a better crew to do this with.

  3. your a doueshbag dude. lets see you post something up.

  4. a step above last week. but still. and really? brass monkey? ugggggh.

  5. i recognize that yellow bank. golddigger’s football field perhaps?? definitely looked fun.

  6. yeah a definite step up from last week.


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