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Keep ‘Em Guessing (Full Movie)

Another free full-length video, this one from Utah-based TD Experience. Man, kids today have it so good.

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Comments (10)

  1. The editing is really weird and choppy at some points, and what does SAW have to do with boardin’? Haha lots of holmes from Seven Springs, PA… And they are all better than Pete Wast!

  2. Pete Wast is now the most amazing slalom skateboarder you’ve ever seen. Real talk.

  3. Ratass gave HIMSELF last part……That’s weird. This video was mediocre at best. Mad quetionable landings. Bad editing. I hope it’s not for sale. Kids would be disapointed. It’d be like buying a new American pie movie or something. Or anything where Eddie Murphy plays all the characters.

  4. soccer mom.. such a dick bro.. i mean hope ur not being serious.. takes a real low person to say some shit like that when you kno for damn sure this movie is actually not that bad at all..

  5. Naw man. I’m being serious. This movie sucked.

  6. fuck this fucking whack shit, faggots

    just kiddin

  7. Much love from the burg. Matress in a box <3

  8. i love all Eddie Murphy movies. i like also the movie DAVE where he co stars with Elizabeth Banks.’.’

  9. i love this.
    but i like this footage more, in the mattress in a box video.
    everyone should check that out, on
    Sean Luceys vimeo page


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