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New Zealand Open Results

The contest season is underway. Seriously. Jamie Anderson and Seb Toots win slope, Shaun White and Kelly Clark win pipe. So not much has changed.

Slopestyle Final Women
Jamie Anderson         USA
2 Janna Weatherby        USA
3 Shelly Gotlieb             NZL
4 Joanna Dzierzawski     USA
5 Silvia Mittermueller      GER
6 Hana Beaman             USA

Slopestyle Final Men
Sebastien Toutant       CAN
2 Torstein Horgmo         NOR
3 Eric Willett                  USA
4 Tore Holvik                 NOR
5 Seppe Smits              BEL
6 Stef Zeestraten           NZL

1 Shaun White USA
2 Luke Mitrani USA
3 Kazuhiro Kokubo JPN
4 Mason Aguirre USA
5 Ryo Aono JPN
6 Antti Autti FIN
7 Peetu Piiroinen FIN
8 Jack Mitrani USA
9 Louie Vito USA
10 Arthur Longo FRA
11 Christian Haller SUI
12 Roger Kleivdal NOR
13 Nathan Johnstone AUS
14 Kazuumi Fujita JPN
15 Keir Dillon USA
16 Scotty Lago USA

1 Kelly Clark USA
2 Jiayu Liu CHN
3 Zhifeng Sun CHN
4 Linn Haug NOR
5 Soko Yamaoka JPN
6 Elizabeth Beerman USA
7 Rana Okada JPN
8 Jamie Anderson USA

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