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Firing Squad: July 21, 2009

Well, last week went well, for our Champ that is. After the most entertaining comment string on one of these in months, our champ emerged the clear victor. So for this week we are putting skatepark vs backyard ramp. Two tricky tranny tricks, but the similarities end there. Doesn’t really matter though, because this contest is about which is the better shot. You choose!

The Champ

The Challenger


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Think you can do better? Then quit your bitching. The Firing Squad is a weekly photo competition. Winners of a single battle will receive a pair of Da Kine gloves and should a photo survive 4 weeks, the photographer receives a place in the Champions Gallery and a Da Kine Camera Pack. To enter your own photo in the Firing Squad, check out our submission guidelines. We are in SKATE MODE so please send your best skate shots to be considered!

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Comments (39)

  1. challenger. this one has a nice light setup, framing and compo. if it was straightened, it would be great.

  2. Tough one. They’re both good. I like the challenger’s colors.

  3. I’m going to go with color bob

  4. im still digging the B&W, clean! the challenger has a great pic too but it just seems a bit cluttered for my personal taste, nice color and subject pop.

  5. the challenger is screaming summer.. and I f’ing love summer.. and front rocks.. and hamms.. and ghetto minis..

  6. The B&W obviously has better composition, the subject of the photo is clearly defined and the trick is better. I could care less about a cruiser and a hamm’s in the foreground if there is no compositional reason for them to be there. Those two items identify the conceptual theme of the photo though and that’s what is really nice about the color photo.

    The B&W needs no thematic concept. It’s obviously a better photo because of the simplicity and amazing composition.

  7. goin with the champ. challenger’s photo is too cluttered, the subject of the photo is too far away and i feel like the point of the shot is lost because there’s TOO MUCH FUCKING SHIT to focus on. mow your grass, hippie.

  8. i like the challenger because it sets up that whole concept of gnarly backyard ramps. some dude’s bike, empties, unmowed grass, and oh yeah, some kid (yeah ben!) shredding out back.
    the champ, while it’s a great photo, just reminds me of what I don’t like about concrete parks. they’re so gray and dull. even when it’s really awesome, it’s still shades of gray. (yeah, that’s a metaphor. college totally just paid for itself)

  9. The Callenger tells a story about skateboarding. I like that the subject isn’t the direct focus. There is more concept in the challengers shot. The champs is nice bit challenger FTW. The lighting and setting compliment the skating.

  10. The Challenger’s shot says “I just took a bong rip and now I feel artsy”
    Ben needs to learn to put his front rocks to the deck and stop wearing women’s jeans.

    Go Champ.

  11. “the champ, while it’s a great photo, just reminds me of what I don’t like about concrete parks. they’re so gray and dull. even when it’s really awesome, it’s still shades of gray.”

    this comment reminds me of what i don’t like about pussies who can’t skate and that went to college; they’re so skinny and emotional. Even when they wear scarves, they still have goosebumps, cuz they’re scared.

  12. I may have spelled “Challenger” wrong but after reading Bob’s comment, he may have benefited from a little college himself. ‘Cause education is totally for pussies…..

  13. Closer than last week, but still the champ, much better composition and less cluttered, great leading lines and rule of thirds

  14. hahaha “college is for pussies”
    you’re just fucking retarded haha

  15. matias> you sound pretty college educated yourself. atleast bob made a point in his fucking post and didnt just waste space on the thread. go chomp a dick you fucking asshole and quit trolling the boards like this is \b\ or something.
    we’re here to discuss photography and how birk’s B&W rocks the shit out of that trailerpark shithole in photo two. so next time you feel the need to grace us with your ever-so-intellectual fag speech, take a second to contain yourself and just drink some bleach instead.


  16. challenger would take it if the skater were centered between the grill and ramp. i like the idea/feel of it, but i think the champ is still a better photo.

  17. “Cheater cheater pumpkin eater”

    That’s bullshit! I’m definitely glad I voted for the challenger. Besides, who wants to see a photo of an Amish skatepark? (I think it’s in York, PA.)

  18. How is it cheating? I’m sure the challenger passed around this link to the site he or she is active on asking people to vote. Social Networking?

    Amish live in Lancaster buddy not York.

  19. Actually, as the challenger, I can say that I’ve not networked this at all. I’ve actually been keeping the fact that it’s my photo relatively anonymous, aside from the fact that it was posted on my site when it was shot. But there is no link to this at all. To each his own, though.

    For the record, some of the commenters will be dissappointed to learn that I’ve never smoked weed, and I went to college. Horrible, I know.

  20. is that a hamm’s can? count me in challenger

  21. Props to the challenger. Photo is sick!!! The last winner seems boring to me. The challenger is eye candy!

  22. haha bob sux. don’t try to argue about a photo contest by calling people out that’s not the point, it’s what’s a better shot. the color photo kills the b&w photo, the b&w pic is just too dull. it’s a neat pic but the other picture is way neater, and i honestly spent more time looking at it.

  23. WHOA. I don’t even know this “bob” character! How does he know 1) I’m a pussy who wears scarves 2) I can’t skate because I’m scared and 3) I’m skinny and emotional?
    This also begs the question: is he here hating because he rolled his ankle yesterday and he can’t do much else than drink and hobble around the house? Oh wait, no, that’s me. He must just not have anything better to do.

  24. The challenger went to COLLEGE? This whole contest is now bullshit. Amish kids on skateboards, college kids with cameras. Where is the integrity?

  25. you guys are 1) queers. 2) fagz. 3) queerfagz. 4) faggot. 5) niggerz. 6) fagqueerfaggotniggerz.

  26. scooter> you are 1) racist 2) a waste of fucking space 3) a racist waste of fucking space or 4) about to get a boot to the fucking skull if you don’t shut the shit up and go fucking die in a dark, secluded corner away from all human life.

    just because mommy’s breath smelled like whiskey and daddy was never around doesn’t mean you need to dumb us all the fuck down with your ignorent fucking hatespeech.

    now that i got that out…fuck you, you cocksucking cuntfaced asshole.


  27. Kyle is awesome.

    That said, the champ’s photo is endlessly better. The challenger’s trick isn’t even being executed properly.

  28. “The challenger’s trick isn’t even being executed properly.”

    This ain’t figure skating or gymnastics, it’s skateboarding. It’s about having fun, not “executing properly.”

    There are no rules to skateboarding. There are no rules to photography.

  29. It’s a photo contest. A better trick that is being done well is part of what determines which photo is better. Beyond that, the main reason I like the champ’s photo better is the composition and simplicity. It’s not relying on a beach cruiser to make it look good.

  30. challenged> this may not be figure skating or gymnastics but execution of a trick is absolutely a fundamental of skateboarding. you throw down a sloppy flip trick or retard-tweak a grab and its going to detract from the visual effect on the audience. i dont want to see some sketchy bullshit rock to fakie end with a half revert down the tranny so the skater doesn’t eat shit. i want to see a decent flow with a little display of balance and finesse. how many times have you been watching a video, seen some sick shit landed perfectly and rewinded it to watch it again? that being said, don’t gimme that sack of shit where style doesn’t play a part. you’ll never win that argument.

  31. I agree that style plays a part.

    However “good style” is as subjective as good photo. A front rock style I like, may not be the same as a front rock style you like. If it becomes about one style being right, then it is akin to figure skating or gymnastics.

    The entire nature of photography is, and has always been, subjective. If it wasn’t it wouldn’t be interesting. Skateboarding is the same way.

  32. dude i dont want to argue symantics with you over skating and photography. all i’m saying is certain things are eye-catching for a reason. anyone who knows something about skating knows what to look for fundamentally that makes a trick either clean or sloppy. pictures and photography are the same way; rule of thirds for example. or how about the way a picture is set up to naturally direct the viewers eye?
    two minutes on this forum and you’ll hear from everyone what fundamentally makes a picture a piece of shit or not…there are no pulled punches.
    i’ll own up and admit that you have a point and i can see where you’re coming from, but i just can’t agree that style is as subjective as you’d like to think it is. if that were so, then the word steriotypical would never have been established.

  33. Did anyone else pick up the irony of using the term “cocksucker” to put down a dude shortly after going off on him for being racist?
    Just noticed that. Funny.

  34. and while i’m at it…have a small novel:

    “i’ll own up and admit that you have a point and i can see where you’re coming from, but i just can’t agree that style is as subjective as you’d like to think it is. if that were so, then the word steriotypical would never have been established.”

    wouldn’t stereotypical be exactly what you’re describing — the tucked-knee indy or the oh-so-trendy spread-eagle 360 flip, for example — when you’re saying something is good/stylish? maybe i’m misunderstanding what you’re trying to say, but i’ve always thought stereotypical was a bad thing when it came to style in skating/snowboarding/etc, so style stays subjective.

    here are three skaters: Nate Jones, Mark Gonzales, Andrew Reynolds. None of them have a kickflip that looks anything like the others’. But just because Drew can kickflip my life doesn’t mean Nate Jones doesn’t have one of the prettiest kickflips I’ve ever seen, and Gonz, that dude’s kickflip is in a league of its own. But none is less stylish than the other, they’re just different. Some people prefer their cucumbers pickled.

    and i don’t see what everyone’s taking issue with on the f/s rock as far as its execution, i like the twisted torso. he looks like he’s pulled back in the ramp already, and his board just needs to catch up to him.

  35. pic one is better pic 2 looks like an add for Target or a milk commercial!

  36. I love these hating comment boards.
    You post one sentence down and people go crazy on it, haha.
    As for the pictures themselves, I think Ian Graham’s right, style is unique and subjective. But this is a photo contest, not a skateboard contest. As long as the composition of them photo is good, doesn’t matter what the trick is like. The subject on the challenger photo may have fallen down after that, or the champ’s may be just a “weird drop in”, as someone called it.
    I don’t know, just felt like pointing it out, even though it’s probably obvious to everyone here.
    Oh, and I agree with one of the comments here, that said the challenger would be better if the skater was centered between the ramp and the grill – that’d be awesome.


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