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Windells Makes (Nick Vosconti’s) Dreams Come True


Nah, this isn’t another post about how Windells is giving away a session to the kid who writes the best essay. This is even more press-releasey than that. But hey, it’s got a video!

So that was last session. This session the Nike 6.0 team is getting its dream feature, here’s the full release about it.

Session Two at Windells kicked off this week, and a new session means a new Dream Feature. This time around, the Nike 6.0 team had the job of imagining up the most creative, dreamiest, funnest feature they could think of to build in the Windells park. On camp arrival day, the visiting pro riders, along with the help of Windells coach Pat Milbery and the talented Windells diggers, shaped their cumulative ideas into an impressive mound of snow gaps, hips, step downs and rails. In the end, the Nike 6.0 dream became a Dream Feature.

Shaping the snow for Nike 6.0 is Broc Waring, Ross Baker, Trevor Jacob, Dylan Bidez and Mark Reining. These young rippers have a whole lot of energy, which is definitely apparent through what they created: a veritable explosion of park features all precisely combined into one.

“The feature is like all of the things we like to hit throughout a day of riding,â€? said Ross, “consolidated into one little compact playground.â€? Little is hardly the word to describe the tight feature the guys created though, as it somehow magically combines a rhythm section, a bowl corner, a  hip, step ups and a pole jam.

“It pretty much gives you the option to ride it any way you want,â€? said Dylan. “There’s so many different lines you can take, we probably haven’t even thought of half of them yet. We just wanted to make a feature where people could be really creative.â€?

“It changes the daily park riding of just rails and jumps into just one feature and training in that one area,â€? added Trevor.
Mike and Broc are excited to see how the campers ride the feature. “We built a feature that we’d like to hit and campers can hit, too,â€? said Mike, “[and] it’s easy to hike.â€? Added Broc, “we’re stoked to see if campers can find some lines that we haven’t found yet.â€?

Check the blog at for more updates from Session Two and the Nike 6.0 team’s Dream Feature.

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  1. sucha kickass feature. easy to get caught hiking it all day! nice work nikki 6. nice vid tyler n’ alex!


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